KumKum Bhagya Spoilers Alert: Big Twist preview of 9 Nov 2020 episode

𝕁𝕚𝕠𝕋𝕧𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕖 – Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya is going to be highly emotional. In today’s episode, we will get to see that the present hand gets hurt. Seeing this, Pragya gets tears in her eyes.

Pragya goes to Abhi and holding Abhi’s hand, Abhi starts applying medicine. Then just pulls his hand away. And just says that when you left me.

Then you did not feel worthless. And today I am hurt a little bit. So you feel useless. And why do you have tears in your eyes?

Pragya then says, I don’t feel bad for your injury. I feel bad for your thinking. Which became so small. I have never given you pain yet. You are the one. Those who keep hurting me.

Then just says who has to give so much pain. You are keeping an account of this To give pain to someone is your business. it is not my business.

So, Pragya says that I am very happy today by giving this same pain. This happiness is not handled by me. And I am very happy giving pain to everyone.

Then it just says that yes you are absolutely right. It hurts you all. Like it has given us pain. In the same way, there is a fight between Pragya and now.

And they both start seeing each other. He still gets hurt. Pragya’s tears do not stop on seeing this. And she keeps crying a lot.

There will be a lot of interesting upcoming episodes. We will see that Alia and Riya get Pradeep kidnapped together. After which he gets into a lot of trouble. It is now known that Prachi is in trouble.

So to save him, he saves his life by risking his life. During this time, Ravana’s combustion takes place. So Ranbir runs his fence on Ravana. Then there is fire. And now we get into some trouble.

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At the same time, Pragya comes under great tension. Because now it hurts a little bit. When it comes to tension for Prachi. And starts asking him his condition.

So Riya is jealous after seeing this. She thinks Prachi wants to listen to both my love Ranbir and my father. I have to do something to get out of all our lives. KumKum Bhagya upcoming episode is to be more interesting and adventurous.

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