Kumkum bhagya Spoiler alert: Watch Pragya makes an accident with Alia’s

Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler alert: In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see that Pragya makes an accident with Alia’s car and then everyone on the road reaches near the car and see that it is still running and it is alive.

And they all go to the work of Alia of the race and say that you have been the victim of this, we will not leave you and people say that you have to take him to the hospital before he dies and Alia says that you People brought her and I take her to the hospital.

When all the people take him to the work of Alia, then Allah thinks that he will be right that I will leave this hospital and stop meeting my brother. Alia is taking him in the car and taking him to the hospital only then Seeing that the girl sitting in the car is someone else.

She is not a poet, then Alia gets very angry and she asks to stop the car and kicks her driver and the man out of the car and says that.

I am giving you money, take it and get it treated in the hospital and Alia is very angry. You will see further in this love episode that Pragya reaches Abhi’s factory and tells the watchman.

I am from Mr. Mehra Is there to meet, is there inside, then the watchman says that you stop and I call and tell you that Mr. Khan is inside me or not, then Pragya goes inside.

On the other hand, Alia is very angry and calls in the factory and asks if Pragya has reached there. She says that no, Pragya has not arrived yet, then she thinks how can we get Pragya and my brother from meeting If you have to stop.

She tells the man that you will have to do two things for me. First of all, you have to turn off the lights in the factory so that they cannot see each other. After that, if a girl reaches there and asks you to meet her brother.

Kumkum bhagya Spoiler alert - JioTvvinee
Kumkum bhagya Spoiler alert Pragya makes an accident with Alia’s

So you have to stop him, on the other side, Pragya reaches the factory and she starts going in, when the manager stops her but she does not listen to anyone and keeps going in there, then I think that I am also one of Alia Could not work but do another work.

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She goes off and switches off the main switch of light when Pragya reaches where she lives now and Pragya says now that I will talk to you today.

Whatever happens now Pragya recognizes the voice and stands there silently only when Pragya says from now that your How did you agree to call my daughter a big one and only then think that the girl whom I have just come up with is my daughter and she gets very sad.

Pragya says you know Not that my daughter has so many values ​​and how dare you say that she is coming in between Riya and Ranbir. If she comes in between someone, then she is not to break the relationship between those people.

But make her stronger. Come to make you know how sad she had been since you left, she was sad not because you scolded her but because you broke all relationships and relationships with her.

You said that she was your father Can speak You could not play the son with whom you had a relationship, the fault is not in Riya, the mistake is in you that you could not give her good values.

You will see further that now it is with Pragya that you should stand there only when the light comes. She goes and Aaliya thinks that now we will not be able to stop these two from meeting Pragya and now they are very happy to see each other and start laughing.

When Pragya says that we think that you are Mr. Mehra. Now says that yes I am Mr. Mehra, at the same time we will get to see an emotional scene between them, after that Alia thinks that now we could not stop meeting these two. You can easily watch Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler alert all episodes on Zee5.


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