Kumkum bhagya Spoiler alert: Watch 2 November 2020 full episode

Kumkum Bhagya In today’s episode, we will get to see that Pragya and Prachi leave their house. Then he keeps thinking about everything that Alia had told him about Kiara.
Then Abhi holds Pragya’s hand in the car.

So Pragya tries to get her hands off. When Pragya does not leave her hand to Abhi. So she shouts and says that you pay attention to driving or else we will become an accident. So everybody will get hurt a lot.

Shortly thereafter, Pragya reaches home. Now says to Pragya that get down from the car. Pragya says, why have we not reached home yet? Then just says if you want to go somewhere else, tell me. Because you have come home.

After that, both Prachi and Pragya are getting off the car. So when one sees Pragya, Prachi comes near the race. And she says I make very good tea would you like to drink. So now he says yes and just comes out of the car.

Then Prachi goes to the race house. After that Pragya says now what did you need to say yes to tea. You should have made another excuse to leave from here. Because I don’t want you to stay here.

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Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler Alert Watch Big Twist

Hearing all these things of Pragya, he says right now that we do not know why you are taking us so far from your daughter. Do not distance a father from your daughter.

Prachi wants me to drink tea, then I will drink tea. Then Prachi says, Sir, come inside, I make very good tea for you. Then Abhi and Pragya talk to each other. Even more, it says that you want to take revenge on Kiara from me.

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You are thinking that everything happened to Kiara. I did all that. This is why you want to drive me away from Prachi. Right now it seems to be so. Because Alia has put all this in her mind.


Pragya feels so. That has just taken him away from Kiara. Right now it does all these things with Pragya. You can easily watch the Kumkum Bhagya serial on Zee5.


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