Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler alert: Big Twist, Ranveer insulted Prachi

𝐈n today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see that both Dida and Pallavi are talking. And both of them say that when will this chase leave us all. She is never leaving our son alone.

Then Dida says. It is my fault that I was pushing Ranbir towards him. Earlier Ranbir used to tease a lot with Prachi. At my behest, both of them have come close.

Then Pallavi says no, it is not your fault. This is all Prachi’s trick. Then Dida says that I too got into Prachi’s bluff. So Ranbir can also come. Then Prachi comes there.

And together they start insulting Prachi. And say that you are deaf. Where was it so late? Since when have we been calling you?

If you do not feel like working. So say, we will remove you from your job. Then Pallavi asks Prachi how much your mother and Sarita Ji earn. Prachi does not like this.

And she gets nervous. Prachi then says that we earn so much. With which our needs are met. Then Dida says that during the festival you will have a lot of trouble buying new clothes gifts.

Then Pallavi says that it would happen. Then Pallavi says to do one thing, I have old saris. Take it and put it on. If you do not want to wear it yourself then give it to your mother and Sarita Ji.

She will wear, Pallavi says that we have many such things. Which we do not use. You can take it if you want. First of all, you go to your home. And come to change these clothes.

Our housekeeper also has some standards. Do not come wearing such clothes. Prachi starts crying after hearing what Pallavi and Dida did. And leaves from there. Then Ranbir comes over there.

nd asks where the applicant went. Pallavi then says that she has gone to her house to change clothes. She must be coming now.

Then Ranveer starts wondering how Prachi went home without saying anything to me. And he did not even answer my question.

On the other hand, we get to see that one comes to his house. And he sees that all the people are preparing for the festival of Dussehra.

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Grandma then asks where you were now. And how late did you get? Then just says that I had some work. I was caught in that.

Now I go to my room. And quickly change the cloth and come down. Then Riya comes there. And is very happy to hear that today Ravana will be burnt.

Then right now tells Riya that you go and stand on the roof and watch the burning of Ravana. Will look good from there. She then leaves.


Alia then sees everyone from the terrace. And thinks how happy everyone is. This happiness will remain till then. Until Prachi and Pragya come to this house. And we will always stop them from coming to this house. You Can watch this serial on Zee5.


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