Kumkum Bhagya serial Upcoming twist: Pragya and Abhi made master plan to avoid goons

Kumkum Bhagya serial Upcoming twist: Pragya and Abhi made master plan to avoid goons - jiotvvinee
Kumkum Bhagya serial Upcoming twist: Pragya and Abhi made master plan to avoid goons

Kumkum Bhagya serial: In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, you will see that the old aunt and uncle are kept hostage by the goons.

Only then Abhi and Pragya come and save them after that Abhi comes and says that we should go from here because our life is in danger.

After that they get the key of the car, then Pragya says that if you had kept the key of the car well then we would not have to face so much trouble and they start looking for the car as soon as they find the car.

So when they look back, there are goons behind them. When they reach the car, goons start firing on them.

But if their shot ends, then they scramble with them, after which they quickly sit in the car and go on the highway.

After that Pragya says that you go home quickly. So Abhi says what is so soon, we have to go home only.

Pragya says that I want to get out of this trouble soon and Abhi stops the car after going some distance.

There are goons in front of them and that goon stands with a gun on a man. He says if both of you do not get out then I will kill this man.

Abhi starts going ahead of the car but after thinking something, he gets out of the car. In the next episode Kumkum Bhagya serial, He says that these people had saved my life. How can I take my reason?

The goons are already dead, after which Abhi grapples with them, then the goons start scaring Abhi out of the knife.

After which how does Abhi put the knife on the goon’s neck and say that I had spoken That by mistake your brother has an accident, will you know me for that?

Then Pragya also gets angry and she gets out of the car and goes to the goon and starts killing him.

Both of them say that we said that we did not make a mistake. After understanding him, he starts leaving. That’s when that goon strikes from behind, after which Abhi tells him that I will not leave you now.

Then the police car arrives and the police handcuff the goon and put it in his car. After that Abhi and Pragya thank the police a lot and they start leaving.

Then the police say that Abhi is also a threat to your lives. Because someone gave a contract killer to kill you guys.

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The police say that Abhi we have not got any clue about that betel killer, therefore Abhi is also a threat to your life.

So you should go to your house as soon as possible. After that Abhi would have been drinking water.

It is then that the goon strikes from behind with a knife and the water bottle is cut, due to which the waterfalls on the head of the whole Pragya.

When the police catch him and go away, Pragya sees that his kumkum is completely removed due to water. Abhi says what is the big deal in this, let me fix you again.

Then Pragya starts to panic and she tells Abhi that there is definitely going to be a bad omen. The upcoming episode of the Kumkum Bhagya serial will be very fantastic. Abhi and Pragya will see some romantic scenes.