Kumkum Bhagya serial 3rd February Upcoming twist: Abhi and Pragya are in big trouble

Kumkum Bhagya serial 3rd February Upcoming twist: Abhi and Pragya are in big trouble - jiotvvinee
Kumkum Bhagya serial- Abhi and Pragya are in big trouble

Kumkum Bhagya serial: In the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, you will see that Abhi plays by hurting himself. Pragya hears this and opens the door, crying.

She sees that Abhi is pretending. She tells Abhi that someone jokes like that. So Abhi says why are you crying. I was just joking.

And Abhi promises Pragya a tear that she will never do such a joke again after today. And between them, a loving gesture appears.

Prachi, on the other hand, calls from the Purab and asks where my mother’s father is, whereas Purab says that he does not know where those two people are.

And there Vikram stands and he says that Ranveer had lied that his mother’s father has been kidnapped. So Purab tells Vikram that yes something like this has happened.

After that Sarita’s aunt tells Prachi that you don’t worry your mother’s father is fine. Sahana says that Sarita aunty, if you come home quickly, then Prachi does not do it.

After this, the east is looking at the grandmother, then the grandmother says to the east, what are you seeing like this?

I am preparing to enter my daughter-in-law’s house, so east says that I wish conscience and wisdom be safe.

At the same time, the inspector goes to the commissioner’s office to talk about Abhi. He tells the commissioner that Abhi Mehra is looking for a contract killer to kill him.

Then the commissioner tells the inspector that there is no such thing. And he tells the inspector not to take any action.

When the inspector sees Digvijay in the officer’s cabin, he becomes suspicious and leaves. At the same time, Digvijay threatens the officer that if he tries to save Abhi Mehra.

He will kill his son because Digvijay’s son is in possession of the officer.
On the other hand, the officer thinks that if my family does not talk, then I would tell this Digvijay what the police can do.

On the other hand, the police inspector takes all his companions to find Abhi and Pragya, the inspector says that the commissioner will say anything but I will do whatever is right and listen to my mind.

The same goons reach the village looking for Abhi and Pragya and all go to the house and find Abhi and Pragya.

Kumkum Bhagya - Abhi and Pragya's wedding most romantic moment - jiotvvinee
Abhi and Pragya’s wedding most romantic moment – Kumkum Bhagya Serial

At the same time, going to Lata Ji’s house, showing Abhi and Pragya’s photos, ask them that if you have seen them somewhere, Lata Ji understands that there is definitely something wrong.

And when they start to panic, goons stare at them and ask them where they both are. Then her husband comes and binds goons to Lata Ji and her husband.

Abhi and Pragya take out all this voice to see what is happening. The same goons were going to cut Lata Ji’s husband’s hand and only then comes and saves them.

Now in the coming episode of the Kumkum Bhagya serial, it will be interesting to see whether Abhi saves Lata Ji and her husband’s life or whether Abhi gets trapped in the clutches of those goons.