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In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, you will see that Ranveer tells his friends. You guys are very good friends after that Jaya and Aryan speak that we have lied so much for you so much but in the end.

On the other hand, Rhea is very upset and calls her father but her father does not receive the call. Alia comes and says seeing Rhea so upset.

Rhea, what are you doing here, you know that Meera has left this house and gone. And he has said very well about you.

She was saying that Rhea is a very badass girl. And he also said that his biggest mistake was to die after taking care of you.

On hearing this, Rhea feels very bad that how can Meera say this because Rhea used to respect Meera very much and loved her very much.

Then Rhea thinks in her mind that if Meera Aunty had to go, she could meet me also. Then Grandma comes and Grandma says Rhea you don’t pay attention to Alia’s words.

Grandma does Rhea you are very upset, then Alia says why Rhea is so upset. Rhea tells that Papa is not receiving the phone Rhea feels that there are goons behind Abhi and Pragya.

He is stuck in some trouble Vikram is standing there and he also comes and he says who told you all this Rhea says You should know that you had given a phone call to Ranveer.

Ranveer saying that there are goons behind him and that people are in trouble, then Vikram says that this cannot happen.

Because I have given Ranvir a call Did not call then Alia says that if there is nothing like this. Why are the brothers not receiving the phone and after this both?

Them get very upset when only Grandma and Sarita’s aunt come that they are not receiving the phone right now.

Because he is with young Pragya and he wants to be with her and he doesn’t want any disturbance so he doesn’t call you guys Receiving.

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Alia gets very angry seeing Sarita aunty and says what are you doing here in our house. Then Grandma says that she has come here with me.

And to do a very important job. I Will get her home in my daughter’s in-laws’ house and she has come here to help me.

Rhea then asks Alia that if Meera’s aunt had to go. She could have gone by telling me why and Ranveer told me a lie. Dad is in some trouble after that Alia was going to speak from there.

But Alia knows Rhea She does not give up and stops Alia. Only then Alia says that Rhea you stay within your limit.

Rhea says that I do not do any respite for you because I will tell everyone what you did to me.

Kumkum Bhagya - Abhi and Pragya's wedding most romantic moment - jiotvvinee
Kumkum Bhagya

Alia says what will you tell everyone, only then Rhea and Alia keep quarreling. That’s when Sarita aunty thinks that this is her family matter, I should go from here.

And she says that I am going only then Rhea says today no one will go anywhere from here. Because today I am going to tell everyone the truth about Alia.

Rhea starts crying after that truth which Alia has done to me. And today I will tell everyone what you have done to me.

After this, Rhea tells everyone that I did not want to marry Dead and Meera Aunty. And she had already talked to Meera not to do this marriage.

That is why Alia does not like that I do not want to marry Papa and Meera. And when they thought that I was coming in between Dad and Meera.

They locked me in the storeroom. And there the Purvi also stands when the Purvi hears this, says how can you do this, Alia, you do not even love your own Rhea, so you had too much close.

Purvi says that the man will never forgive you for what you did with Rhea today. Then grandmother says that you don’t say anything now.

If they decide all these now, they will do the same. And Alia will never forgive you for what you have done with Rhea.

On the other side, it will be seen that both Prachi and Sahana reach home. Pragya and Sarita find Aunty but they both do not meet in the house.

They search everywhere and even go to neighbor’s house. And Pragya’s friends also call, but Pragya is nowhere to be found.

Prachi gets very much tense and she starts thinking that what Rhea said to me. Is this true about my father?

And she gets very nervous and Pragya starts calling but her phone does not work. On the other hand, both Abhi and Pragya are eating food on the same plate.

And it is said that Auntie said that if we both eat food on the same plate, then more love will grow. And both of them feed each other.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of romantic moment between Abhi and Pragya. And as soon as Abhi starts going to Pragya, Pragya goes out and closes the door.

Seeing all this, Abhi starts getting very nervous and he says to Pragya that I think it is going to be very bad, Pragya please come to me.

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And Pragya comes to the young man and says that you please do not panic, there will be nothing like this. I am with you and will always be with you and if anything happens then both of us will face it together.

And on the other hand, the goons who were behind Abhi and Pragya have reached the village. They are looking for him a lot and they and Uncle Aunty also see him.

Kumkum Bhagya - Abhi and Pragya's wedding most romantic moment - jiotvvinee
Abhi and Pragya’s wedding most romantic moment

Therefore, they are convinced that Abhi and Pragya are in this village, that is why they tighten their investigation even more.

On the other hand, Abhi applies Pragya to his hands with a mehndi, and between them, there is a lovely tip.

Then Pragya gets up and goes out and closes the door and Abhi goes after her and tells her that Pragya opens the door only then some goons reach their house.

Now it will be interesting to see if Abhi and Pragya will escape from those goons or not. On the other hand, Alia has lied to Rhea about Meera.

Meera did not say anything about Rhea. about. The same Alia is creating a misunderstanding between Meera and Rhea.

What will happen to Alia when all the family members know the truth about Alia? So that upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya serial to be more interesting.

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