Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2021 Full episode: Pragya as Sweeper secret unfolds to family member, what will happen now?

Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2021 Full episode: In the upcoming episodes of the serial Kumkum Bhagya, we will get to see that Pragya, the police refuses to let Mehra House come to her senses.

Despite this, Pragya wants to meet Abhi, she tries to be Mehra for this. Pragya thinks how Mehra can go into it.

And you can meet your husband Abhi. After thinking about all this, there is a way to inform Pragya that Pragya takes the form of a broom woman in disguise.

After this, Mehra enters the house with a broom in his hand. She silently goes to Abhi’s room in Mehra House.

And she goes there and calls for Abhi. While doing all this, Pragya is also very scared. Because if someone inadvertently sees him there, then there will be a lot of trouble for him.

The same Pragya also succeeds in doing so. Because Alia is pre-spoken to Tai Ji that she should call a woman from the village to take care of her brother.

In such a situation, Tai Ji feels that this woman is going to sweep, as if Abhi was called to take care of her.

In this confusion, the plan to meet Abhi becomes a success of Pragya. On the other hand, we get to see that Tanu has also returned to Mehra House.

Let me tell you, Tanu has come to Mehra House so that she can take good care of Abhi. Because in the absence of Pragya, Abhi’s attention will be attained.

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On the other hand, Pragya, who has changed the appearance of a broom, has come to Mehra House. She is also seen trying to secretly go about Abhi.

In such a situation, it will be very interesting to see if the secret of Pragya will be revealed to everyone.

Or she will succeed in her plan. What will be new in this serial, we will see everything in the Kumkum Bhagya next episode.

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