Kumkum Bhagya 15th march 2021 full episode: Abhi and Gayatri’s romantic drama

Kumkum Bhagya 15th march 2021 full episode: The episode of serial Kumkum Bhagya Monday begins this way. On one side, Alia refuses Rhea and calls her for lunch.

On the other hand, Vikram goes to Ranbir to convince him. Vikram appears to be trying to convince Ranveer. Vikram explains to Ranbir that he should not talk angrily to his mother like this.

After that we get to see that Vikram also convinces Ranbir to come for lunch. Abhi entry happens as soon as everyone sits together at the same lunch table.

On seeing Abhi, all the people are shocked. At the same time, we get to see that Gayatri gets Abhi to get good clothes and brings her in front of everyone.


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We get to see that all the people of the house are a little happy to see Abhi in this situation. Then Alia asks Gayatri why she has come after taking Abhi out of the room.

After that Gayatri tells Alia that Abhi had a mind about coming out. So now Abhi has been brought out. We get to see further that Abhi gets a little scared after seeing all the family members.

He starts going back when Gayatri tells him that everything is fine. There is no problem. He has no need to fear anyone.

After this, Prachi Ranveer and Vikram all tell Abhi that they are all members of his family.

After this we get to see that Vikram and all the family members take Abhi to lunch with him. Next we get to see that Abhi is not able to eat food with his hands, Gayatri is seen helping him in this.

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But Abhi finds the food a little spicy, so Gayatri goes to get milk for him. Then someone’s call comes on Raj’s mobile.

He tries to take the call as soon as he gets his hand on Abhi’s stomach. After which Abhi feels that he is trying to kill him.

Then Abhi grabs Raj’s collar with his hand, after which all the people try to free Raj. Then we get to see that he starts a new drama of mine.

So what will be the reaction of all the family towards Abhi or will see the serial Kumkum Bhagya himself in the coming episodes.


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