Know why Dimple Kapadia refused to work in the Hollywood film Tenet

Hollywood film Tenet: Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet Due to Coronavirus pandemic, has come on streaming platform Amazon Prime Video.

The most special thing about this film is that Veteran actress Dimple Kapadia of Hindi cinema made her Hollywood debut.

In this film, Dimple’s character and performance were also highly praised. Tenet featured John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles.

Dimple plays Priya Singh in this film. And who deals with weapons in Mumbai and is associated with the intelligence organization.

Tenet was released in India on December 4, after the lockout ended on October 15. Considering the immediate situation of this film, it had a very good opening and collected film Tenet about 5 crores in the opening weekend.

Hollywood film Tenet - jiotvvinee

The film was released on more than 1100 screens at its domestic box office. The film has been streamed in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages ​​on Amazon Prime.

After the release of this film, Dimple’s character was much liked. Nolan himself considered Dimple’s acting iron.

Twinkle Khanna also shared an interview clip with Christopher around the release of the film. In which she asks Christopher if it is true that Dimple was nervous at the audition and she also named another actress.

On this, Christopher Edward Nolan said that this is not the first time this has happened. He met Liam Neeson for Batman Begins.

He too refused to listen to this character and recommended someone else’s name. Nonal said that this nervousness is a sign of humility.

Hollywood film Tenet - jiotvvinee
Hollywood film Tenet

Dimple’s Hollywood debut was also captured in Bollywood. After the release of son-in-law Akshay Kumar’s film, the message for Dimple was written on Twitter, this is my proud Damad wala moment.

Christopher Nolan has written a very heartfelt message for Dimple Kapadia on the eve of the release of this film.

Had I been in his place at that time, I would have been lost in his aura. But I am very happy to see him working in Tenet and I am proud of my mother.

The same Hrithik had posted a picture of Dimple from the film in his Instagram story and wrote that this is the best performance by an Indian actor in an international film because of any lapse.

The charm, strength, dignity of this character, eyes drawn towards you. Dimple aunt, you are something else. However, you missed watching Tenet in theaters. So now you can see this tenet on Amazon’s Prime Video.


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