KATRINA Wedding Without SALMAN … Why Bhaijan Is Not Coming …

KATRINA Vicky Marriage – The list of Salman’s ex-girlfriends is very long. However, they are the two most popular of all. Aishwarya Rai is the first thing that reminds me of Salman’s real life romance. After marrying Abhishek and becoming an adorable mother, Bachchan has largely settled down … Aish. She later became popular again in that range as Salman X’s girlfriend Katrina. Now she’s even ready to become Mrs. Vicky Kaushal!

The fact that Katrina and Vicky Kaushal are getting married in December is almost certain. Although no official announcement has been made yet, arrangements are afoot. However, there are many names of Bollywood celebrities who are currently attending their wedding.

Almost all the top stars and directors in Mumbai are saying that Cat will come to the wedding. However, only Salman’s name is missing from the list. That is why the people of Mumbai are saying …

Salman and Katrina once had an intense romance. But, their affair did not go until marriage. Katrina Kaif has been in love with Ranbir for years. Then Salman remained somewhat hartaina silent. But, again, when the cat breakup with Ranbir took place, Salman stood by her.

The two have done two films together in the Tiger franchise, such as the Bharat movie. They are currently doing Tiger 3 as well. Even though he has such a good relationship, people close to him say that Salman is coming to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Because, there will be a Tiger 3 movie shooting in December.

KATRINA-Vicky Marriage
KATRINA-Vicky Marriage

Information that Salman, Shah Rukh is going to shoot combination scenes director mainly. So, due to Tiger 3 busy Salman goes to Rajasthan and says that Katrina will not attend the wedding. It remains to be seen, even if the Bollywood bhaijan has a big mind and goes in a hurry on the flight … we will be blown away at the wedding venue!


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