Katrina -Vicky Marraige: That’s why invitations are not sent!

Katrina -Vicky Marriage Latest News  – The news of the marriage of Bollywood starlet Katrina Kaif has once again gone viral. For the past few days, it has been rumored that Katrina will be stepping in with her boyfriend Vicky Kaushal. The news was further bolstered by the couple’s appearance at the residence of producer Aarti Shetty during the Diwali celebrations as rumours of a wedding continued.

According to the latest reports, these lovebirds will soon be one of the three barbed wire and all the arrangements are being kept very secret. That’s why even wedding invitations have not been sent to anyone yet. It is also learned that Vicky Kaushal’s mother Veena Kaushal sent a sari and jewelery as a Diwali gift to her fianc. The tribe has been speculating about their wedding in Beetown, with Katrina receiving a shagun (special gift) from Vicky’s family.

The couple is getting ready to get married on December 7 or 9 in Rajasthan. However, they are very careful not to leak any news of their wedding. It is in this context that the couple has yet to send wedding invitations to anyone.

Most importantly, Katrina, who is very careful about her personal life, seems to be very impatient with the recent media coverage of their wedding place. That is why we are taking care not to leak more. There are also rumors that there are plans to change the wedding venue in the wake of the latest leaks.

Katrina -Vicky Marriage Latest News
Katrina -Vicky Marriage Latest News

However, the news of her wedding has been coming in some form for the last 15 years since she came to the industry. The suspense will not end until Vicky-Katrina officially announces the matter.


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