Kailash Topnani’s makeup time for the Comedy show Hero Gayab Mode OnΒ ‘3 hours each day

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– –Kailash TopnaniΒ is playing an important role in the hero cowherd mode on these days TV show comedy. Let us tell you that this is a fantasy drama show.

In this comedy, Kailash Topnani is in the role of an alien witch. In an interview with Kailash Topnani, we were asked some important questions, whose church we are going to detail.

As per Kailash Topnani, he is the first TV serial actor to use prosthetic makeup for the entire time. They say that it takes up to 3 hours to do prosthetic makeup.

Once the makeup is done, shooting for up to 12 hours is required. On the other hand, this makeup takes 1 hour to remove.

Kailash says that the armor we use is about 5 to 6 kg. In this, no separate VFX has been used to change the color of the eyes. Rather, lenses are installed for this.

Kailash Topani - JioTvvinee
Kailash Tatopani

Kailash says that the first time I was offered this role by the makers. So I was doing fast stories narrated by Santoshi Maa at this time and that is why I could not do it.

But then shortly after that, the makers called me again and then asked about my dates. At that time I had dates available to me, that’s why I agreed to it.

Then after that, my coronavirus test was done in which my negative test came. And then after that, I was called to sign the contract.

At that time, I liked its briefing and I felt that the role was very challenging as well. Kailash says that he used to go to Bairagarh for coaching at MP Nagar for this.

At the same time, he used to get only 50 rupees to go home. Which used to be the fare for coming from their home.

One of his friends took him to a mall on Hoshangabad Road to rotate him, where modeling auditions were being held.

His friend provoked him and he agreed to audition. But they did not even have the money to register.

And even at that time, his friend got Kailash registered and luckily he was also selected. They say that I still remember that I reached the house asking for a lift.

Since my friend had already gone, I joined the gym with my friend after that. From then on, my problem gradually started to go away.

After some time he also made a good body and expressed his desire to his father to go to Mumbai. His father, after listening to him, allowed him to go to Mumbai.

If we obeyed Kailash, he had to face a lot of struggles even after going to Mumbai. After a few days, he finally got his first show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

In this, he played the role of the Villain Bahubali tornado. He did many more shows on TV. In the same Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman, he has been seen playing Shatrughan.

According to Kailash, he auditioned for Yash Raj Films’ upcoming film JayeshbhaiΒ Jordaar. The lead actor, Ranbir Singh, has been called to the production house nearly three times.

Unfortunately, he was not able to be selected. However, when Yash Raj started Prithviraj Chauhan’s audition, he was called once again and now he has been cast for the film.

According to the news, Kailash is going to appear in front of the audience in the film Prithviraj Chauhan starring Akshay Kumar very soon.


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