Journalist criticized on topless photo of actress, Elizabeth Hurley gave a great reply

Britain’s access and model Elizabeth Hurley remains highly active on social media. He had received a lot of reactions on a top lace picture some time back.

The picture he shared went viral. And his fans also liked this picture very much. However, its writer, journalist, and TV personality Piers Morgan has received much criticism from Elizabeth Hurley.

Morgan said during her show that she looks very fabulous. But he also asked what she was doing. And who is taking their pictures?

He said that his 18-year-old son is clicking pictures? What is this strange? What is happening? I think this is perhaps the only hunger for attention in the film industry.

Morgan is getting more trolled on social media after this statement. 55-year-old Elizabeth Hurley has also responded after being trolled.

Elizabeth said that her picture was not clicked by her son. Rather his 80-year-old mother has clicked this photo.


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Then Elizabeth told that her mother has been living with them since last year. So that it can pass the time during the lockdown.

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It is noteworthy that Elizabeth Hurley has told during her many posts that her son almost always clicks her photo. The birth of Elizabeth’s son is also under dispute.

Elizabeth said during an interview that she had dated a man with Steve Wing for 18 months. And Damien is Steve and his son, though Steve flatly denied it at the time.

Journalist criticized on topless photo of actress, Elizabeth Hurley gave a great reply - JIOTVVINEE
Elizabeth Hurley

But then this was revealed in the DNA test. According to sources, Elizabeth is now a single mother. And she is looking at her son Damien alone.

However, Elizabeth Hurley is the boyfriend and godfather of Hollywood’s famous and star Hugh Grant Damian.

Apart from this, Elizabeth and her son also have very good relationships with celebrities like David Beckham, Shane Warne, and Denis Leary.


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