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We are going to discuss about Prisoners in Hollywood Thriller Movies top list in today’s post. Let me tell you, Prisoner is an American Hollywood movie. Directed by Denis Villeneueve, released in 2013, the film is an English-language film written by Aaron Guzikowski in a screenplay directed by Denis Villeneuve.


Some important fact about Prisoners Hollywood Thriller Movies :


If we discuss some of the special points of this Hollywood picture film, it will be that Hugh Jackman, Jake Gynehal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terence Howard, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano play the lead characters in this film. The Hollywood picture film is Villeneuve‘s first English-language feature film. The Hollywood film grossed nearly $ 122 million across the country.

It is also included in the Top 10 Hollywood Thriller Picture Movies of 2013. This picture film also received the Best Cinematography Award under the 86th Academy Award. By the way or a crime thriller is Hollywood movies.


Full detail’s of the characters of Best Hollywood Movies Prisoners :


Prisoners in the Top 10 Hollywood Thriller Movies of 2013 Full description of the characters of this picture film:

1. Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover

2. Jana Ganelehal as Detective Loki
3. Viola Davis as Nancy Burch

4. Maria Bello as Grace Dover

5. Terence Howard as Franklin Birch

6. Melissa Leo as Holly Jones

7. Paul Dano as Alex Jones

8. Dennis Christopher as Mr. Jones

9. Dylan Minnette as Ralph Dover

10. Zoa Soul as Eliza Birch


11. Erin Gerasimovich as Anna Dover

12. Kyla-Drew Simmons as Joey Burch

13. Wayne Duvall as Captain Richard O’Malley

14. Len Carrio as Father Patrick Dunn

15. David Destmalichian as Bob Taylor

16. Jeff Pope as Elliot Miland, A total of 16 people have played their roles in these Hollywood films.


Prisoners Hollywood film earnings and other things :


A total of $ 46 million budget was spent on making a Prisoner Hollywood film, with the Hollywood picture film making a grand appearance at the box office, earning around $ 122.01 million. The film was released in the simplest United States in the English language. But now this picture film is also available in Hindi, that is, if you like Hindi language more, then you can watch this film in Hindi as well, in addition to this the movie has been dubbed in Telugu Tamil and other languages.


Johann Johannsaon has performed the music in this Hollywood picture film. While cinematography is done by Roger A. Deakinz. The editing work is done by Joel Cox and Gray D. Roach in this film. This picture film is co-produced by Alocon Entertainment and 8:30 productiom Madhouse entertainment Company.

The picture film was released on 20 August 2013 in the United States. Hindi picture film is full of 153 minutes. If you watch this picture, you will not get bored because this picture is very funny. You can watch the trailer of this Prisoners on YouTube absolutely free, according to Google 93% of the people who like this movie are. The film was released in India on 27 September 2013. The film has been rated 4 point 6 by the people.

Where to watch Prisoners Hollywood film:

You can also watch this movie onΒ Amazon Prime Video.