Jai Bhim Review: How is Surya ‘Jai Bhim’ movie ..?

Jai Bhim Review – How is Surya ‘Jai Bhim’ movie ..?


  • IMDB Rating: 9.6/10
  • Title: Jai Bhim
  • Cast: Surya, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Rajisha Vijayan, Lizomol Josi, Manikanthan etc.
  • Producers: Surya, Jyothika
  • Directed by: TJ Gnanavel
  • Music: Shawn Ronald
  • Editing: Philomena Raj
  • Cinematography: SR Kadir
  • Release Date: November 02, 2021 (Amazon Prime Video)

Jai Bhim Movie Review

Tamil star hero Surya puts a lot of effort into experiments regardless of the results of the movies. He is interested in acting in on-screen movies with different stories. Appears in new getups to the amazement of movie lovers. Most of Surya’s career success has come through experimentation. Another recent experiment by the star hero is ‘Jai Bhim’.

The movie, which is a courtroom drama, was released on November 2 on Amazon Prime. Let’s see in the review how much the audience was impressed by this film which was made against the backdrop of top caste shapes on Dalits.

Jai Bhim Telugu Movie Review – Storyline

Rajanna (Manikandan), Sinathalli (Lizomol Jose) are a Dalit couple. Live by catching snakes. One day when the snake comes into the house of the village president, Rajanna goes to catch it. After that the burglary takes place in the house of the President. Rajanna will be arrested by the police in this case. The case is filed that the king who observed all in order to catch the snakes was guilty of this theft.

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Rajanna and his family members are also harassed for pleading guilty. Rajan, however, insists on not admitting the mistake he did not make. If cut .. Police tell Rajnath’s wife Sinathalli that he escaped from jail. She is upset that her husband did not know what happened to her. Sinathalli meets Lawyer Chandra (Surya) to find her husband.

Chandra takes up the case without taking a single rupee from her. What challenges did the moon face in this order? What facts came out due to Chandra’s petition for Rajanna? What happened to Rajanna so far? That is the story of Jaibhim

Jai Bhim Movie Rating – Who did it ..?

Jai Bhim Review
Jai Bhim Review

Surya has always acted wonderfully in the role of Lawyer Chandra. The gestures he made in the court scenes were touching. After a wonderful film like ‘Akasham Nee Haddura’ .. the role with the same level of depth is his. Can’t imagine anyone other than the sun in the role of the moon. Manikandan and Lijo Mol Jose, a tribal couple, performed brilliantly.

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Especially to say about Lizomol Jose who played the mother. Her performance as a Dalit woman who resists the tyranny of the society is commendable. The dialogues she says near the DGP are awesome. Prakash Raj as sincere policeman, Rajisha Vijayan as stepmother and Rao Ramesh impressed with their performance.

Jai Bheem Movie Review – How is Jai Bhim?

‘Jai Bhim’ is a fight by a tribal woman to free her husband who was unjustly arrested by the police. Director Jnanavel made this movie based on a real incident that took place in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. Like the recent Telugu lawyer Saab, Nandi and Thimmarusu movies, ‘Jaibhim’ has also been released as a court room drama. Imprisonment for a mistake not made by a mug .. The hero takes up the case, reversing the moves of the opponents .. Finally doing justice.

Almost all the movies that come in the background of the court drama go on like this. Director Gyanvel chose such a point and thrilled to screen ‘Jai Bhim’. He was one hundred percent successful in showing his chosen point on the screen. He said that some policemen had filed illegal cases against innocent people and they were blindsided by what actions they would take to plead guilty.

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Interest in the film grows as Surya enters as Lawyer Moon. The arrest of Rajanna does not appear in jail and he does not say what will happen till the end, which adds to the suspense over the film. What did the police do to him? Is the original still alive? Those questions start in the mind of the viewer. Eventually the real thing becomes known and emotional.

The climax is Adurs. Although the story chosen by the director is old .. he led the story in a catchy way. And technically .. Shawn Ronald’s music is great. He enlivened some scenes with his own BGM. Kadir‌ The cinematography is good. The court scenes were wonderfully shown on screen. . Philomena Raj editing is okay. The production values ​​are in line with the cinematic level.


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