Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 written update 27 April: In this episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, we will see that Vansh will tell lies to Riddhima.

In the episodes ahead of this serial, we will also see that Vyom comes to Riddhima and says that our deal is still on. Vansh is going to make a big deal. But I do not want that deal and you have to stop.

But Riddhima flatly refuses Vyom that she is no longer part of any deal and does not want to keep any deal.

But Vyom threatens Riddhima and tells him that he will unleash all his secrets in front of Vansh but Riddhima is not afraid and hiding her hairpin on her feet

It says that now I am not afraid of your threats and I am saying for the last time that the deal is closed and then Vyom leaves from there.

And then Vansh comes there looking for Riddhima and says what happened but Riddhima says that there was no waiter who bumped into me and shouted

But he realizes that Riddhima is lying, this secret is associated with those 6 hours and then Vansh tries to extract the truth from Riddhima and asks for a drug which Riddhima will tell only and only after drinking.

And after that Vansh plans a romantic dinner and in which Vansh drinks the drug Riddhima, after which Riddhima becomes intoxicated after drinking and Vansh asks Riddhima about those 6 hours rules the forest.

And she tells that while she was running in the forest, she had found a girl named Sara. She had come to kill me and was given money to kill Riddhima but Riddhima Sara told the truth that before that she Goes to sleep.

But does Riddhima tell the truth that she had found a girl in the forest whose name was Sara and she came to kill him or does Riddhima know that Vansh has given her a drug to know the truth from her?

And now we will see in the upcoming episodes that Vansh will try to find out about Sara and when Riddhima gets up in the morning, she will ask Vansh that I do not remember anything, I just remember that you had a dinner plan.

But Vansh will not tell the truth to him, he will lie and will try to turn things around.

But now we will see in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 next episode whether Vansh will be able to know about Sara and who was the one who gave money to Kiara to kill Riddhima.