Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Watch, Vansh will bury Riddhima in the pit

𝕋he episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is going to be very interesting. In today’s episode, we will see that Vansh is searching for Ridhima. And he comes home. And looks at Ridhima’s room. So there is no relief.

So the Vansh starts suspecting Ridhima that she has gone somewhere with Ragini. Then Ridhima exits the bathroom. So Vansh says that you were in the bathroom. So Ridhima says yes we were in the bathroom.

The lineage does not believe in Ridhima’s talk. And he asks if you had a fever. So Ridhima says yes. We slept all day. Then everybody goes from there. The descent proceeds towards Ridhima.

So Ridhima starts to rear her leg. The descent goes to Ridhima. And removes a leaf from its head. And asks where did this leaf come from when you slept all day.

So Ridhima says that we will be bored sleeping all day, that is why we went near the window to get air. May have come from that. The clan takes Ridhima’s hand and takes it out. And shows him a carved pit.

So Ridhima starts thinking that the Vansh has suspected us. The clan then pushes Ridhima into the pit. So Ridhima gets scared. And close her eyes. So the Vansh says that Ridhima opens her eyes. Why did you close your eyes?

If you keep your eyes closed, how will you know to whom this tomb has been dug? Ridhima then slowly opens the eye. So she sees that the offspring is extending her hand. And says come up, I have dug this grave for myself.

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Hearing this, Ridhima gets nervous. The reason tells the whole truth to him. Who knew the slayer of my mother, she only knew politics.

And the lineage starts crying there. Then Ridhima says to the Vansh, let’s move from here to here. Ridhima starts going further.

Then a wood flying in the air hits the head of the Vansh. And blood starts coming from the head of the Vansh. And the offspring faints and falls into the same grave.

So Ridhima goes and picks her up. And says that all this is happening because of me. It is going to be a lot more interesting to see what Ridhima will do now.

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