𝕎E will talk in detail in the upcoming episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 serial. We are going to see or see in the upcoming episodes. Siya is thrown from the stairs by Anupriya. In the Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 serial, we are going to see that Anupriya does it because Sejal was running away from Kabir on the other side.

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Anupriya thinks that if anyone comes to know about this plan made between us and Kabir, then water will return to our plan. But at the same place, Sejal standing near the door listens to the plan made between them. Therefore, Kabir starts chasing him to catch him.

Sejal was thrown by Anupriya through the stairs to divert attention and Kabir could get a chance to catch Sejal.

As soon as Sia falls down the stairs, Vansh is seen looking at him. And the offspring says that after I leave, I can’t even care what is happening in the house. The offspring says that no one will go out of this house until we know what is happening in this house.

Do you think that there is any hand behind looking at Siya? As soon as the Vansh thinks this, his attention goes on Kabir. He looks at her and says who is this and what is he doing here.

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Till then, Anupriya is going to be seen saving Kabir. On the other side, there is Ridhima. Ridhima knows who Kabir is and what its relationship with Anupriya. Till then, due to some reason, he escapes from the eyes of the Vansh.

Anupriya tries to convince the same dynasty that Sia fell down the stairs due to her mistake. No one else has dropped that. You will get some such twist in the upcoming episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 serial on 13 October 2020.


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