Ishq mein marjawan 2 spoilers 4th February episode: Vansh’s life in danger, how will Riddhima save?

Ishq mein marjawan 2 spoilers 4th February episode: Vansh's life in danger, how will Riddhima save - jiotvvinee
Vansh's life in danger, how will Riddhima save

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 spoilers: In the upcoming episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 spoilers, you will see that the life of the Vansh is in danger and whether Riddhima can save the life of her dynasty or not.

Riddhima refuses to let the Vansh go out. She tells her that I am having a strange panic, please do not go. Please cancel this meeting anyhow.

But this meeting is very important for Vansh, so she cancels this meeting. Doesn’t and he goes to attend the meeting.

Actually, the Vansh is about to go out of the house for a meeting, and as soon as he leaves the house, shortly after he leaves the house.

All the family starts getting a strange panic. All the people think that something bad is going to happen. He feels the same to Riddhima that there is definitely going to be some trouble with the Vansh.

The contractor with whom Vansh was going to meet turns out to be a fraudster. He attacks the Vansh with the help of goons.

The same Kabir takes advantage of this and shoots at the Vansh, but the bullet does not hit the Vansh but the other goons.

She goes and Kabir escapes from there until Riddhima reaches there and before she gets to know all these things Kabir escapes from there.

But a goon is attacked on Vansh’s leg and is shot in his leg. She goes. At the same time, Riddhima realizes that the Vansh is in some trouble and she goes to find him but Andhra does not let him go.

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But how does she get out of there and start looking for the Vansh? Now in the upcoming episode, it will be interesting to see if Vansh’s life is in danger or he can get out of this danger.

Does Riddhima reach the lineage with Andhra? Will she save the life of the Vansh. And the police can save their lives by reaching with them or not. Something new in this serial We will see all this in further episodes.