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International news of today: In this post today, we will talk about Top International news Headlines of the world, and through them or know what events have happened in the whole country and abroad. However, if we know in less words about some of the special news of the world, then let us start.

Top International news Headlines Today or what is the breaking news of today?

International news of today | Top International news Headlines Today - JioTvvinee
International news of today

*EU will not give any relief to Myanmar military rule, will prepare blueprint for sanctions.

*Israeli election: For the sixth time Benjamin Netanyahu’s hopes of becoming PM may be brisk, power will be the key in the hands of small parties.

*American intelligence officials say – Iran threatens to attack Washington’s military post.

*Two Canadian citizens’ spying arrests in China start hearing after two years.

*Australia Flood Updates: Flood breaks 100-year record in Australia, plans to Australian goverment evacuate thousands today.

* India vs Sri Lanka: India stuck in dilemma, support neighboring religion with Sri Lanka or give support to Tamils.

*Bomb blast in Afghanistan: several bombings in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in the past 24 hours, seven people dead, three injured.

*China’s Silence: A Threat to Its Neighbors China, Taiwan’s Airspace and Philippines’ Watershed by Dragon’s Military Ship.

*Trump can launch his own social media platform: Former US President Donault Trump can launch his own social media platform because his Twitter and Facebook account was banned after the violence on Capitol Hill.

* World Water Day Today: Experts claim Atlantic’s current weakest in 1600 years, increasing heat wave in Europe, monsoon rains in India.

*World Water Day today: Americans pay up to 60 thousand rupees on an average water bill, 400 crore people have a shortage of water for at least 30 days in a year.

*Boris Johnson to Call on the European Union, Making a Case for Not Banning the Covid-19 Vaccine Export.

*Google payments news: Google payments chief Caesar Sengupta quits after 15 years at company.

*Taiwan loses two fighter jets in apparent collision – Taiwan’s Air Force is fairly well trained, mostly with US-made equipment, dwarfed by China. Beijing considers the democratic island as its territory and has never abandoned the use of force to bring it under Chinese control.


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