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International news of today: In this post today, we will talk about Top International news Headlines of the world, and through them or know what events have happened in the whole country and abroad. However, if we know in fewer words about some of the special news of the world, then let us start.

Top International News Headlines Today or what is the breaking news of today?

International news of today | Top International news Headlines Today - JioTvvinee
International news of today

#Israeli Parliamentary Election: The screw of the majority once again stuck in Israel, political deadlock persists, Likud party away from majority.

#The truth of new research, even if the level of antibodies is zero, then a person can avoid corona infection.

#The US Department of Justice has imposed a fine of $ 500 million, blaming the Indian drugmaker for hiding and destroying records.

#UAE Finance Minister Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum dies, only family members will attend the funeral.

#Dr. Vivek Murthy of Indian origin approved by the US Senate to be appointed as US Surgeon General.

#ISRO Gaganyaan Project: Four astronauts of India selected to go into space under the Gaganyaan mission complete one-year training in Russia. The ISRO Gaganyaan Project was launched in June 2019 between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Russian launch service provider Glavkosmos. The ISRO Gaganyaan mission consists of a group captain and three wing commanders of the Indian Air Force.

#North Korea strengthening relations with China to deal with anti-forces.

#US raised questions on Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine trial, made serious allegations.

#Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold 17.37 crores, donated all the money in the form of bitcoin.

#Now International travelers coming to India will see RT-PCR negative reports.

#CBSE changes the date of filling the form for the board examinations of this session. Now students will be able to fill the examination form by 31 October. The first students had time till 15 October. Such a decision has been taken due to the corona epidemic.


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