Ingenuity helicopter ruled over the surface of Mars, flight to be filled soon by NASA

NASA perseverance mars rover: The US Space Agency went to Mars with Nasa perseverance rover. The Ingenuity helicopter is ready for the first control flight.

With this, it has been dropped on the surface of Mars for its first flight. Before that, the SPACE agency itself has given information about it, till now it was being charged by connecting with the rover.

Let me tell you that this will be the first time that a helicopter will fly from the surface of Mars and what will be its view in the camera. This helicopter will take off on 8 February.

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars on 18 February. This is a mission of $ 2.7 billion. Its primary purpose was about three billion years ago when Mars was more favorable to life.

Then it is possible to find out if you are immersed in thinking on Mars, the rover has two microphones. Recently, with the help of this, he sent an audio of a walk on the surface.

Ingenuity helicopter ruled over the surface of Mars, flight to be filled soon by NASA - JIOTVVINEE
Nasa Mars Mission

A 16-minute audio was released by the space agency, in which the sound of the rover’s wheels moving over the surface of Mars is heard.

Apart from the Weather Station 19 cameras are installed in the rover. NASA hopes to get clear pictures with their help.

Earlier this space agency has sent a mobile science vehicle to Mars. But Perseverance grew more sophisticated than this.

It has been designed to collect samples of Mars’s Chattan. Rover has also taken some special equipment associated with the project.

It also has this helicopter, which has been made a controlled flight test on another planet. According to NASA, if the helicopter was able to take off and move some distance, the mission would be 90 percent successful.

If it continues to work even after landing successfully, then 4 more flight tests will be done.

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