Ian Chappell impressed by Team India’s performance, said India played with England’s mind

Ian Chappell impressed by Team India’s performance: The third match of the 4 Test match series has been played between India and England.

The match was played at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad. In this match, the Indian team defeated England in two days to take a 2–1 lead over the series.

After this match, some former England cricketers are crying on the pitch. Ian Chappell, former captain of the Australian cricket team, has praised the Indian cricket team a lot.

The former Australian captain said that the Indian team took advantage of England’s weakness quite well.

And they took advantage of it in their own way. The Indian cricket team defeated England in the third match in Ahmedabad and won the match by 10 wickets.

Their spinners played a very important role in this victory of the Indian team. Who took 19 wickets out of England’s 20 wickets.

The same happened in the second match of Chennai before this, the spinners of the Indian cricket team impressed the England batsmen quite well.

2021 test championship points table: jiotvvinee
India again become number-1 after winning the 3rd Test against England

And also gave the team a very easy win. Former captain of the Australian cricket team, Ian Chappell, was impressed by the strategy of capitalizing on the weakness of the England cricket team against spin in this way.

Australian legend Ian Chappell said that the Indian team took advantage of this by taking advantage of the weakness of England’s team against spin in Chennai ground at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

And during this time India played through the mind of England batsmen. Ian Chappell wrote in his column on ESPN Cricinfo, the Indian team decided to take the field with three spinners in the third Test against England.

Because none of the English batsmen could stand on the pitch of Chennai except for England captain Joe Root.

India used it very well, influencing their mentality and using it properly for their own benefit. The same Australian legend pointed out the weakness of the England batsmen.

Due to which he could not face properly in front of the Indian spinners. Ian Champl wrote, When faced with severe spin spell, the English batsmen did not trust their defensive game.

And because of this, he tried to take an aggressive stand against the Indian spinners.

He was resorting to river swing instead of playing cricket by getting out of the crease, which is also a very accurate example of this.

Let us tell you that the fourth match between these two teams will be played from March 4.

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