How to speed up your mind? Sadhguru tips, just do this exercise

Sadhguru tips: There are still some simple things that you can remember and get energy in your body. Like, changes in the bones of the spine and also in the intensity of your intellect will start coming into the relationship.

How to speed up your mind?

What is the goal of your life What do you want to be? What do you want to do? If this clarity is in your life then everything is easy. If you do not have clarity, then you can compensate for it with confidence.

Self-confidence is a very useless measure of clarity, it is as if it is not a highway, vehicles are running at a high speed on it.

Your eyesight is not clear, but you have confidence. You can look at your horoscope that you can live for 90 years. I am not going to do anything.

How to speed up your mind? Sadhguru tips - jiotvvinee

And you can probably cross the path or with the help of a slogan you can build confidence in yourself later. Say Jai Shree Ram, whatever you want, say the slogan loudly and go ahead. It can work by chance.

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If you want to do anything successfully, then it is very important to have clarity in you. If this is to be followed then the most important thing is that your reed has to do the right thing. Where Reid is not a physical substance.

By which notifications are sent. It is a deep communication network. If you lose it you don’t know what you’re missing. It is not just a part of the body, it is the basis of the world happening in our system.

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The spine is not a single object, it is a complex combination of many things. It is important to stretch every day. With the help of Yoga Namaskar, the spine activates the waist areas, it strengthens the muscles of the spine.

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Makes the body strong so that the pain in the nerves can be avoided after aging. Its benefits are there in the whole body.

Yoga salutation is a simple and complete process in itself. There will be a natural flow of energy and you will have to sit with your feet apart.

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If you are not able to do this, then you keep your shoulders in a perfect distance as much as the width of your shoulders.

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You can do this 21 times, if you can’t do that much, then start at 7 slowly. If you increase two daily, then you will reach 21 in 40 days which is a good number. Here is a lot for your brain It is beneficial that you will feel that your brain has changed.


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