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Thriller (2018)

Thriller is an American slasher film. The director of this film is named Dallas Jackson. The movie is included in the list of all Hollywood thriller movies released in 2018.


Hollywood thriller movies
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What is the movie thriller about?

1. The producers of the Thriller Hollywood film are several people named Adam Hendricks, John H. Lang, Greg Gilreath, and Dallas Jackson.

2. Talk about the writer of this American Hollywood film, if we name him Jackson and Ken Rance.

3. Dallas Jackson and Ken Rance acted as screenplays in this thriller film.

4. Jessica Allain who is an actress. She has acted as the lead actress in this Thriller movie. He has worked in many Hollywood films. By the way, she lives in London.

5. Tequan Richmond is an American actor and rapper. He has acted as the lead actor in the film.

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6. Music has been given in this thriller film by RZA. Mac Fisken is the cinematography of this film.

7. This Hollywood thriller film released in 2018 has been edited by John Quinn.

8. The distributor partner for this film is Netflix. Netflix has also contributed to promoting the film Kiss Venue. Well Netflix is ​​an American company.

9. The film was first released on 23 September 2018 at the LA Film festival. The story of the Steeler movie is complete 87 minutes. The United States was released on 14 April 2019.

10. The film did not do very well in terms of revenue across the country. Many people did not like this film. The film earned around $ 1188. Which was quite small.

How does Thriller?

Thriller (2018) is an American one slasher film. It is included in the list of Hollywood thriller movies to be made in 2018. We will tell you the entire essence of the film in short words. You will understand the whole story of this film with this conclave of Hollywood film.

Years after childhood mischief, some South Central Los Angeles teenagers find themselves terrorized during Homecoming weekend by a killer who is hell-bent on revenge.

Who is the killer in a thriller?

Thriller is a revenge film, but not in the way you want to believe it. The audience, for the most part, believes that the killer is Chauncy, an intellectually incompetent boy who was in juvenile custody for four years when an attempt was made to intimidate him with a cruel prank.


Who plays unique in a thriller?

If we talk about these thriller Hollywood movies made in 2018, by whom a unique role has been played, the thriller film has Jessica Allain playing a unique role. Although she is a resident of Laden, she started her career as a model in the film industry. Later after modeling or working in Hollywood films.

Is there a thriller movie?

We would like to tell you that, Thriller is a slasher film. these Hollywood thriller movies direction Dallas Jackson has done. The film was written by Jackson and Ken Rance. This includes Jessica Allen, Tecan Richmond, Chelsea Rendon, Michelle Edwards, Pepi Sonuga, Maestro Harrell, RZA, and Michaeli Williamson.

People’s reaction to this movie:

We are going to tell you about people’s reactions to these Hollywood thriller movies made in 2018. According to Google, 63% of people like this film. The film gave a rating of 3.7 out of 10 according to IMDb.


Where to watch:

If you haven’t seen the Thriller Hollywood movie, you can still watch this movie. You can watch this slasher film made in 2018 on Netflix. You can find this movie available on Netflix.

Cast of this Hollywood film:

  • Jessica Allen as Lisa Walker, Luke Tenney as Derrick Jackson
  • Taken Richmond as Andre Dixon, Paige Heard as Gina Brown
  • Mykelti Williamson as Detective Raymond Johnson
  • RZA as Principal Herd, Jason Woods as Chauncey Page
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  • Michael Ocampo as Eddie Gomez, Vanessa Bell Calloway as Mrs. Jackson
  • Maestro Harrell as Ronnie Davari, Big boy as myself
  • Pepi Sonuga as Kim Morris, Vanessa A. Williams as Mrs. Walker
  • Chelsea Rendon as Tiffany Rodriguez, Valerie Ortiz as Ms. Cruz
  • The Lady of Rage as Emma Page, Michelle Edwards as Ty Reynolds