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                                  The Grudge (2020)

The Grudge (2020) is on the list of Hollywood Thriller movies, a supernatural horror to be released in 2020. The producers of this film are named Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Taka Ichise.

All detail’s about The Grudge (2020) Movie :

1. The Gruge (2020) is an American film, directed by Nicolas Pesce.



2. The story writers of this Hollywood thriller film made in 2020 are named Nicolas Pesce and Jeff Buhler.

3. The story of this Hollywood film is based on Ju-On: The Grudge written by Takashi Shimizu.

4. A sequel to the film was made in 2004, Samuel M. Raimi has worked in this supernatural film which is an American actor as well as a filmmaker and producer. He has given super hit films like Spider Man.

5. The music in this film is given by The Newton Brothers.




6. Cinematographer of The Grudge (2020) movie is named Zachary Galler.

7. On January 3, 2020, the first English language film was released in theaters in the United States.

8. Hollywood became an American horror film at a cost of $ 10–14 million.

9. The film grossed $ 46.8 million across the country.

10. The Grudge was released in the United States on January 3, 2020 by Sony Pictures Release.

11. The stars who starred in this film are Andrea Rijero, Damien Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin, Lynn Shay and Jack Weaver.


Short Story Detail’s of  The Grudge (2020) Movie (2019) :

Is a Hollywood horror film. It is also a thriller film. For those who like Hollywood horror films, the film will be good. You will get the feel of Hollywood thriller movies after watching this film. We will tell you the entire essence of this film in less words. You will understand the whole story of this film with this conclave of Hollywood film.


The story of this film depicts a mother who murders people living in her family. As a detective tries to investigate this mysterious case, he tries to find out that the woman’s house is cursed by a vengeful ghost. Now targeted by demonic spirits, the detective must do anything to protect himself and his family from harm.


The Grudge Hollywood Thriller Movies Award :


We will discuss the award this Hollywood film will receive. The previous series of this Hollywood horror film have received two awards and a total of 10 nominations which were released in 2004, but the movie has not received any awards yet.


People’s reaction to The Grudge (2020) movie :

This Hollywood thriller is about to tell people’s reaction to the movies. According to Google, 49% people like this film. The film gave a rating of 4.1 out of 10 according to IMDb.

Cast of this Hollywood film :
  • Kayako Saki as Jaiko Bailey, Nancy Sorrell as Agent Cole
  • Stephanie CM Mnio as a nurse, Joel Marsh Garland as Detective Greco
  • Dr. Robin Ruel as Freedman, Bradley Savatzki as Officer Michaels
  • William Vidler as Detective Wilson
  • William Matheson as Frank Mathison



  • John J. as Burke. Hansen, Tara Westwood as Fiona Landers
  • David Lawrence Brown as Sam Launders
  • Zoe Fish as Melo Landers, Andrea Rezborough as Detective Muldoon
  • Damien Bichir as Detective Goodman, John Cho as Peter Spencer
  • Betty Gilpin as Nina Spencer, Lynn Math as Faith Matheson
  • Jackie Weaver as Lori Moody



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