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Ma, released in 2019, is included in the list of American psychological horror Hollywood thriller movies. This picture film is one of Hollywood’s thriller films. This Hollywood film was made under the direction of Tate Taylor.

All detail’s about Ma (2019) Movie :

1. Scotty Landes has done the story for this American film.

2. Seven Hollywood big stars have worked together in this Hollywood film. The names are as follows – Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Diana Silver, Luke Evans and Corey Fogelmanis

3. This Hollywood film was released in the United States on 21 March 2019.

4. Ma film is one of the great and amazing Hollywood thriller movies. You must watch this film once.

5. 99 minutes is the running time of this Hollywood thriller film.



6. A total of $ 5 million was spent to produce the Ma Hollywood movie, which was released in English language.

7. At the box office, there was a complete blast in this Hollywood film all over the world. The film grossed close to $ 61.1 million.

8. Blumhouse Production and Wyolah Films companies have promoted the Ma film.

9. Universal picture sponsors this film.

10. Scotty Landes and Tate Taylor acted as screenplays in the film.

11. Gregory Tripi has given Ma film music.

12. This film is among the top films of all Hollywood thriller movies released in 2019. Its story editing is done by Lucy Donaldson.

Short story detail’s of Hollywood thriller movies Ma (2019) :

Ma Hollywood is full of psychological horror film . For those who like Hollywood action films, the film will be good. You will get the feel of Hollywood thriller movies after watching this film. We will tell you the entire essence of this film in less words. You will understand the whole story of this film with this conclave of Hollywood film.

A lonely middle-aged woman befriends a few teenagers and decides to party them in the basement of their home. But there are some house rules: one of the children has to remain calm, not curse, and never go up.

They also refer to her as Ma. But as Ma’s hospitality begins to turn into a passion, what began as a teenage dream turns into a nightmare, and Ma’s place moves from the best place in the city to the worst place on Earth.


People’s reaction to Ma (2019) movie:

Ma is a Hollywood American psychological horror film. If we tell you about the reaction of the people of this thriller film, then according to Google 63% of people like this film. The film gave a rating of 5.6 out of 10 according to IMDb. This Hollywood Thriller film is one of the successful films.


Where to watch this movie :

Ma released in 2019 is included in Hollywood thriller movies list.Β You can watch this entire movie on Amazon Prime Video. This Hollywood movie has now been dubbed in Hindi as well.

Ma Hollywood Thriller Movies Awards :

Let us tell you that this film has not won any awards. The film has received five nominations among the top thriller films of 2019. All of which are like this.

1. In 2019, this film was nominated for the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy Horror film.

2. In 2020, the Ma Hollywood Film was also nominated for The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.

3. Maa Picture was nominated for the Golden Trailer Award in 2019.

4. Ma Hollywood Psychological Horror Thriller Movie also received nomination for Teen Choice Award 2019.

Cast of Hollywood Thriller Movie Ma (2019) :

A total of 20 people were cast for this film. About which we will go further We will know which role he has played in this film.

  • Missy Pyle as Mercedes, Ben’s girlfriend
  • Nicole Carpenter as young Mercedes
  • Tanyel Weavers as Jenny Ellington
  • Dr. Brooks, Allison Jenny as Soo Ann’s boss


  • Dominic Burgess as Stu, Erica’s co-worker. Heather Marie Pate as Ashley
  • Tate Taylor as Officer Grainger, Viktor Turpin as Pietro Kramer
  • Margaret Fagan as Stephanie, Sue Ann “Ma” Ellington as Octavia Spencer
  • Kalyan Simone Simpson as Young Sue Ann


  • Diana Silver as Maggie Thompson, McKelley Miller as Maggie’s friend
  • Corey Fogelmanis as Maggie’s boyfriend Andy Hawkins
  • Juliette Lewis as Erica Thompson, Tegan Aldsel as young Erica
  • Luke Evans as Ben Hawkins, Andrew Matthew Welch as young Ben
  • Gianni Paolo as Chase, Maggie’s friend, Dante Brown as Darrell, Maggie’s friend