Hollywood film “Top Gun” had aroused in the youth such Desh Prem, there was renewed enthusiasm among the applicants for recruitment in the army.

Hollywood movie Top Gun: There is an interesting incident related to this film. At the time, Tom Cruise’s film “Top Gun” fueled such patriotism among the people that the citizens had seen a different passion for enlisting in the Navy.

People had such a desire to join the army, That Sen had to open up the counter for his recruitment outside the cinema hall.

According to a report in Time magazine, the Navy had set up booths in this group in large theaters to capitalize on the success of the film “Top Gun”. That year, the army received the highest number of applications.

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According to a report, the number of Naval Aviators had increased by about 500% during that time. What was it then? The film filled such a passion that the number of soldiers in the US Army increased by 20,000 more in a year.

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The maximum of these 16000 recruitments was in the Navy, it was given in the US Navy magazine Proceedings.

Bollywood top honors actor Tom Cruise’s film Top Gun was released in 1986. It was smashed by many records. After more than 35 years, its sequel Top Gun: Maverick, which is going to release in Top Gun on July 1, 2021, is the film.

The trailer was already revealed. The film is like a love letter to aviation. It has created many histories. The special thing was that the US Navy made Tom Cruise and producer Brooke Brooke High Marco, thanking the Navy pilots for their contribution to the Navy.

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Which has been awarded 34 times so far, and Tom Cruise in 35 and Jerry Ruck Heimer in 36, was awarded the Naval Pilot Citation.

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Not only this, but both of them also used this honor in public, they were awarded the proper honor which is given to a real naval pilot.

Once the film Top Gun is released, not only in terms of earning but also one of the American military The secret mission was also created by completing the secret mission.

The secret mission of the army was to promote the spirit of patriotism among the citizens, which was accomplished through the head.

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Made from a budget of $ 140 million or 964 crore rupees, the screenplay and direction of this film were amazing as well as the action scenes were also astonishing.

Tom Cruise also worked hard for this. All the action they did themselves. It is said that under the making of this film, he was worked very closely to understand the nuances of the American Navy.

It also involved a deal between make-up and the army. In the youth, joining the Navy and encouraging the passion to fly fighter planes.

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This deal was made between the US government and the producers of the head for the purpose of generating it. This claim has also been claimed in all the reviews of the films.


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