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Tag (2018)

Tag which is an American comedy film. The film is included in the list of all Hollywood adventure movies to be made in 2018. The film is directed by Jeff Tomsic. By the way, he is an American film producer, writer, and director.

What is tag the movie about?

1. The name of the producer of Tag comedy film is Todd Garner and Mark Steilen. Rob McKittrick and Mark Steilen co-wrote the story for the film. Well let us tell you that Rob McKittrick who is an American filmmaker. He started working in Hollywood films from 2005.


Hollywood Adventure movies
Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Tag (2018)

2. The story of this American adventure comedy film is based on “It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being ‘It'”. Whose author’s name is Russell Adams?

3. Ed Helms who is the lead actor of an American film. By the way, he is also a comedian and singer. You can see him as Hogan.

4. Jake Johnson is an American actor and comedian. He has acted as a side actor in this film. This Ka is in the role of Randy in the comedy film.

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5. Annabelle Wallis who is an English actress. They are very hot and sexy. She has worked in many famous Hollywood films before. You can see her as the lead actress in this film of AAP.

6. Germaine Franco is a film composer. He has given music in this film and let us tell you that Larry Blanford has done the cinematography of this film.

7. What is the task of editing the film Tag released by Josh Crockett in 2018?

8. American film was released in the United States on 15 June 2018. The full story of the tag adventure film is 101 minutes. A total of 28 million dollars was spent to produce this film to be made in the English language.

9. If we talk about the revenue of this film across the country, then at the box office or the film was successful in earning $ 78.1 million. Which was almost twice the money spent making this film.

How does Tag?

Tag (2018) is an American comedy film. It is included in the list of Hollywood adventure movies to be made in 2018. We will tell you the entire essence of the film in short words. You will understand the whole story of this film with this conclave of Hollywood film.

Every year for a month, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running in a no-holds-barred game they had been playing since first grade – down their necks, their jobs, and their relationships with each other. to take away.

Battle cry “You’re doing this!” This year, the game coincides with the wedding of their only undefined player, which in the end should make him an easy target. But he knows they are coming … and he is ready. Based on a true story, the “tag” shows how far some people will go to the last person standing.

Is tag a true story?

Jeremy Rainer left, and John Hamm in a scene from the trailer for “Tag”. The Jason Bateman-Rachel McAdam comedy “Game Night” recently won one at the box office, or the film was successful in grossing $ 78.1 million. Which was almost double the money spent making the film, and now the trailer has been released for another star, game-based Farce: “Tag”

People’s reaction to this movie:

We are going to tell you about people’s reactions to this Hollywood film made in 2018. According to Google 89% of people like this film. The film gave a rating of 6.5 out of 10 according to IMDb.

These Hollywood Adventure movies gets award:

We will discuss the award this Hollywood film will receive. This American action film has received 0 awards. This Hollywood movie has received 2 nominations.

* Nomination: HMMA Award for Outstanding Music Supervision – Film Gabe Hilfer, Legacy Award Best Comedy Film – Broken Road Productions (production company), Warner Bros. (distributor)


Where to watch:

1. You can watch Tag comedy adventure film released in 2018 on Amazon Prime Video. The film is available in full HD. For this, you have to take the prime membership of Amazon. By taking Amazon’s prime membership, you can watch the tagged film on Amazon Prime Video anytime.

2. Is Netflix a tag? So we will tell you that yes, Tag American comedy film is available on Netflix, you can watch it anytime on Netflix, by subscribing to it.

Cast of these Hollywood adventure movies:

  • Hogan “Hoagie” Malloy as Ed Hales, Zarine Levison as Kishore Hogan
  • Braxton Bjerken as Young Hogan, Jeremy Renner as Jerry Pierce
  • Maxwell Ross as Teen Jerry, Bryan Benson as Young Jerry
  • John Hamm as Bob Bobbahan, Eliza Marconi as Teen Bob
  • Leslie Bibb as Jason’s fiancΓ©e Susan Rollins, Steve Berg as Louis
  • Nora Dunn as Linda, Hogan’s mother, Brian Denham as Randy’s father Mr. Ciliano
  • Thomas Middleditch as Dave, Lil Rel Hori as Reggie

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  • Sebastian Manikelko as Pastor, Carrie Brownstein as therapist
  • Braxton Alexander as Young Bob, Jake Johnson as Randy “Chili” Ciliano
  • Kevin Moody as Teen Teen, Tyler Crumley as Young Randy
  • Hannibal Bursey as Kevin Sable, Xavian Shelton as Teen Kevin
  • Legend Williams as Young Kevin
  • Rebecca Crosby, Annabelle Wallis as Wall Street Journal reporter
  • Isla Fisher as Anna Malloy, Hogan’s Wife, Rashida Jones as Cheryl Deakins
  • Banana Rain as Kishore Cheryl, Thyana stars as young Cheryl


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