Hina Khan’s style was seen trembling in the arms of Shaheer Sheikh

These days Hina Khan is seen trembling in the arms of Shaheer Sheikh. By the way, let us tell you that Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh are bringing their new music album ‘Baarish Ban Jana’.

This picture is part of this video. Which is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. One of the most famous actors on the small screen, Hina Khan always dominates the internet for some reason or the other.

This actress is very active on social media sites. And in the coming days, she keeps updating her fans by uploading photos and videos. Hina Khan is soon coming up with another music album, Baarish Ban Jana for all her fans.

Hina Khan is going to be seen with TV actor Shaheer Sheikh in this album. Famous small screen actor Hina Khan recently shared a video on her Instagram in which Ah is seen with Shaheer Sheikh.

Actually, Shaheer and Hina will be seen together in a new video song Baarish Ban Jana from the same album. Let us tell you that the shooting of this song has been done in the very beautiful plains of Kashmir.

The video that Hina Khan has shared on her Instagram is behind the scan video of this song. In this video, Hina and Shaheer Sheikh are seen with her head wrapped in a towel, trembling lips, and a shawl.

In this video, Shaheer is holding Hina from behind. In this video, both Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh are seen trembling due to frost.


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Sharing this video, Hina Khan wrote in her caption that we were tortured in this way in ice-cold rain and minus temperature and how beautifully this woman named it to rain.

It looks very relaxing and romantic to watch but there is a lot of hard work behind it. Apart from all this, another video of Hina Khan is becoming much more viral.

In which he is in the arms of Shaheer Sheikh and is seen trembling a lot. Sharing this video too, Hina wrote in her caption, posing and sticking… because there was too much frost.

Shaheer Thank you for your jacket. To which Shaheer Sheikh replied and wrote that you are welcome, but after taking off the jacket, I was also feeling frosty.


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