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Green Lantern 2011 is a superhero type American movie which was released in 2011, which was made under the direction of the famous New Zealand film director Martin Campbell, the film has also won the title of top box office film.

Who is a green lantern?

1- The film has won many awards, directed by Martin Campbell, the film won the ASCAP Film Award which is the top box office film award in 2012.

2. This action-adventure film is as follows – Donald De line, Greg Berlanti, Geoff johns Michael green.

3- In this film Greg Berlanti, Michael Goldenberg acted as a screenplay.

4- If you are fond of a Hollywood movie, then you must watch this movie once, this movie is based on the story of the superhero.

5- The film, released at the box office in 2011, is based on the story of the superhero and is very spectacular. If you watch this film, you will enjoy it a lot. -Ryan Reynolds Blake lively Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Tim robbins

6- The film grossed a total of $ 219 million at the box office. The entire story of this film is 114 minutes.

7. The story of this film is quite interesting. The film was first released on 15 June 2011 in Grauman’s Chinese theater.

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7- This film was first released in the English language, but now this film has been dubbed in many other languages ​​along with Hindi.

8 – Jesse newton Howard has given music in this film and Deon Bebee has done cinematography in this film and editing in this film has been done by Stuart Baird.

9. This adventure film production company name is DC entertainment, de line picture The story of this film is written by Greg Berlanti

10. Rayan Raynold plays the lead actor in this film and Blake lively played the lead actress who is an American actress. It is often in the discussions due to its beauty.

Green lantern 2011 summary-

This action-adventure movie is a superhero type film, now we are going to tell the story of this film to you people, which will only be a conclave of this film. Green Lantern is a 2011 American superhero film.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, as the main characters. The film tells the story of Hal Jordan, a test pilot, the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps Is selected to be.

Hal is given a ring that grants him superpowers, and he is confronted by Parallax, who threatens to disturb the balance of power in the universe

Awards –Β  This film has been awarded many awards which are as follows-

ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Fan Film Awards, Golden Schmoes Awards, Hollywood Post Alliance, Jupiter Award, Teen Choice Awards.

Rating of green lantern movie

If we talk about the rating of this adventure movie, according to the world-famous wave rotten tomatoes, this film has got a 26% rating out of 100 and according to IMDB, it has got a rating of 5.6 out of 10. While according to Google, the rating of this adventure film is 62%.

Is Green Lantern on any streaming service?

If you have the best platform for the online streaming of Harry Potter 3 released in 2011, Amazon Prime Video can be Netflix, Disney +, and Hulu.

Where to Watch Green Lantern –

If you want to see this action-adventure film. So digital platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu are available for you. This action-adventure movie is available on all platforms. You can also watch this action film on YouTube.

For this, you have to pay an extra charge of β‚Ή 120. Apart from this, you have to subscribe to see this film on other digital platforms. Let us tell you that according to Google, only 62% of people like this action film.

Let me tell you that this movie was released in the Hindi language on 17 June 2011 in India. The film grossed $ 21.99 crores at the box office. This time, $ 20 million was spent to make this film.

*Trailer –

Which green lantern comic should I read first?

I recommend Secret Origins: Green Lantern, then start with No Fear, once you get into the run you can read Rebirth (I would recommend Green Lantern after avenging it). Of course, if you want a streamlined process then just start with rebirth, but again, confusing newcomers to comics

Was Green Lantern a flop?

Fans of the iconic, intrepid ‘Space Police’ Hal Jordan were elated by Green Lantern’s promise on the big screen, but the film’s disappointing box office combined with rapturous reviews cemented Green Lantern as the most notoriously bad comic book. 2010 conversion.

Why was Green Lantern Cancelled?

The series aired on Cartoon Network as part of their “DC Nation” television block. It was the first green lantern television series and the first CGI DC / WB series. The series was canceled after one season due to poor reception and negative box office performance of the live-action film due to poor toy sales.

Which object grants the superhero, green lantern, his extraordinary powers?

In one of the first Justice League trailers, Steppenwolf states that Earth has no lanterns, which is one of the reasons that believe our world will be conquered easily.

Why green lantern is not an injustice league?

In one of the first Justice League trailers, Steppenwolf states that Earth has no lanterns, which is one of the reasons that believe our world will be conquered easily.

What happened to the Green Lantern?

The Green Lantern Cortes ranks were recently removed by Jordan during its insanity, its power source, the main battery, extinguishing; And OA destroyed, removing the original power source for the rings.

Who is the next green lantern?

It is believed that the second part of the film has been canceled. This action-adventure movie series will be rebooted as Green Lantern Corps.

This action-adventure movie is a stand-alone film. A post-credits scene from Deadpool 2 shows the character portraying his alter ego Ryan Reynolds before reading the film’s screenplay.

Green Lantern cast –

  • Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan
  • Blake Lively as Carol Ferris
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond
  • Mark strong as that Sinestro
  • Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller
  • Tim Robbins as Robert Hammond
  • Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur
  • Geoffrey Rush as the voice of Tomar-Re
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as the voice of Kilowog
  • Taika Waititi as Thomas Kalmaku
  • Clancy Brown as the voice of Parallax

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