Genie Santiago breaks unfavorable cycles on ‘Inner Space’ with soft power

Genie Santiago breaks unfavorable cycles on ‘Inner Space’ with soft power –  On the quilt of her album Inner Space, Jenny Santiago grabs a bouquet of sunflowers as she lands. Beneath her, extra sunflowers sprouts, stretching their stalks to the sky. She gravitates in the direction of the heavens, caught in an unbothered limbo, doubtless meditating.

Each element matches collectively to kind Santiago’s personal completely happy place — a sacred psychological area she surrendered to the world upon the discharge of Inner Space. The soulful Boston singer dropped her debut full-length document final month (October 27), sharing a progressive snapshot of her spirituality and socio-political activism.

Genie Santiago - Sarkariflix
Genie Santiago

Santiago’s fans are already acquainted with her battle cries for equality, akin to her 2020 single “Revelación“. Inner Space branches out from those rebellious seeds, as Santiago, waters her visions with the tears of yesteryear to create a more fruitful future for herself and other women, people of color, and queer folks. Inner Space crushes the cycles of abuse, prejudice, sexual assault, and trauma under its heels in the most peaceful way possible – with poetic grit and love.

But Santiago’s attitude wasn’t also so peachy –

“I was an angry teen and it got worse in adulthood,” Santiago tells Vanyaland. “It all stems from the abuse, trauma, and neglect I’ve always suffered as a child. I used to be poisonous in relationships and friendships. Any time I used to be triggered I’d lash out in an unhealthy and harmful means. Not solely was I being harmful to others, my actions had been finally hurting me.”

Once Santiago delves into her previous, she amicably detaches from it, working in the direction of wellness alongside a stacked deck of supportive Boston expertise. Forté, ALGO, Jazzmyn RED, Anaís Azul, and Nora Borealis all lend their voice to Inner Space, whereas Mertz spells out Santiago’s story by his modern fashion of R&B manufacturing.


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