Friendship day 2021 ideas: In Covid-19 Time to Enjoy friend forever

Friendship day 2021 ideas: Friendship Day is celebrated every year on 1st August. In this era of Covid-19, it is very important to protect yourself and your family members as well as friends.

In such a situation, going out and gathering together can be a challenge for our safety in any way.

Friendship Day 2021 - sarkariflix
Friendship Day 2021

In such a situation, we will talk about 5 special ways through which you can fully enjoy Friendship Day 2021 with your friend. RELATED| Best Yoga for eyesight, Increase Your Eyesight With This

Friendship Day 2021: Date, history –

International Friendship Day was started on 30 July. There are many countries where Friendship Day is celebrated on 1st August, among them India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

The history of this day is very old. It was first celebrated in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. There are some countries where all over the world that celebrate Friendship Day on 2nd August.

Finally, on April 27, 2011, by the United Nations, it was declared all over the world that International Friendship Day would be celebrated on 30 July. RELATED| How to speed up your mind? Sadhguru tips, just do this exercise

But many countries and states also celebrate such 1st and 2nd August. Let us tell you that in India, Friendship Day is celebrated on 1st August.

Friendship day 2021 ideas: In Covid-19 Time to Enjoy friend forever –

In this era of the coronavirus epidemic, partying by gathering crowds outside is not appropriate in any way.

Therefore, by using these 5 ways that you can better enjoy Friendship Day with your special friends. RELATED| Disha Patani’s new look viral on social media, fans reaction

1. Virtual Pictionary

Virtual Pictionary Moral can be done through an online whiteboard, it is used by big companies around the world for big projects,

During this time of Corona, you can play with your special friends with Pictionary in your game. People can create anything on this free site.

Friendship Day 2021 - sarkariflix
Virtual Pictionary

And share them with your friends and can speak to see them. For this, you just have to keep a friend to check at a time.

This game can prove to be good for you because it has your safety, physical distance, and full enjoyment. RELATED| Janhvi Kapoor shares ice blue backless dress with fans, see

2. Online gaming

You can also enjoy this special day to the fullest by gaming online with your special friends. From Minecraft to PS4, console games, PUBG, Free Fire, and online Lido can be played. Apart from this, virtual gaming can also be a better option for you.

3. Netflix party

To make this day special, Netflix is ​​giving a special feature. You can take advantage of this through the extension present on Google Chrome.

With its help, you can spend a good time watching any movie on Netflix with your friends and then watching the series.

Netflix party with –

Would like to tell you that in the extension, you have the option to talk to friends as well as give your reactions.

This extension is absolutely free on Google, you can enjoy it fully by installing it in any web browser on PC.

4. Send your friend a card.

You can send it to friends by making a card somehow or buying it from the market. And let them know how much they mean to you. And what is their role in your life, in this way you can appease them?

5. 10 Different language wish

You can wish Friendship Day in 10 different Indian languages-

1. In Gujarati – Khusa Mitrata Divasa!

2. In Bangla – Subha bandhutba dibasa

3.In Marathi – Aanandee Maitree divas

4. In Malayalam – Santeasakaramaya sahrda dinam

5. In Hindi – Aap ke liye Mitrata Divas Mangalmay ho!

6. In Urdu – Dosti ka din Mubarak ho!

7. In Punjabi – Mitarata Divasa Mubarak!

8. In Kannada – Sneha Dinacaraneya Subhasaya

9. In Telugu – Sneha dinotsava subhakanksalu

10. In Tamil – Iniya natpu nal

Q. When is Friendship Day celebrated in India and Pakistan?

In India, this day is celebrated every year on 1st August. In Pakistan, it is celebrated on 30th July.

Q. How to celebrate friendship day in Covid – 19?

In the era of coronavirus, partying together, gathering a crowd is not appropriate in any way. Because the threat of Coronavirus 3rd web is looming in India right now.

Therefore, keeping in mind your family’s safety, your friends, you should use the methods mentioned above.


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