FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifiers: North Macedonia beat Germany in the 85th minute

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifiers: Germany v North Macedonia,Germany defeated by no upset North Macedonia in World Cup qualifier North Macedonia’s team made a big upset by defeating Germany 2-1.

2014 World Cup champion’s first defeat in FIFA World Cup Find in last 20 years. Germany scored the first goal for North Macedonia in injury time, with a goal scored in 63 minutes on İlkay Gündoğan’s penalty, but Gündoğan again gave North Macedonia the lead in 50 minutes.

Was able to With this win, North Macedonia moved to second place in Germany in Group J, Germany had lost their last match in World Cup qualifying 1–5 to England in 2001.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifiers: jiotvvinee
FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifiers

After which they have won 35 consecutive matches. She had won 18 matches, Macedonia had never played in the World Cup in North Macedonia. But he will take part in the UEFA Champions League this year.

Controversy in the match played in Spain:

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifiers: Spain defeated Kosovo national football team 3–1 in the qualifier match of the tournament but the match fell into controversy as the guest country in the Shape country did not recognize it as a nation.

This match was played according to UEFA rules and the match Kosovo’s national anthem played before is also angry but disregarded normal protocol by not mentioning.

Kosovo as a nation in Spain’s presidential broadcaster. Kosovo split from Serie A in 2008 to become an independent nation but Spain recognized it Does not give.

Before the match, the Spanish Football Federation mentioned Kosovo not as a nation but as a region from which the visiting team officials were angry that they had threatened to withdraw from the gold match.

Apart from this, Spain’s captain Sergio Ramos García was not included in the starting XI, thus he managed to play his 180th international match in terms of playing.

The most international matches in men’s football, now he is out of four from the friend of captain Egyptian footballer Ahmed Hassan.

The match was tied for Spain national football team in the match and the idiom and their Raúl Moro Prescol scored the only goal for Kosovo in the 70th minute by the market.

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