Farm bills 2020 India: Know what Sadhguru said on farmers act, 2020 India

Farm bills 2020 India: Know what Sadhguru said on farmers act, 2020 India – Farmer Bill 2020 has been talked about 8 times with farmers. The ninth round of negotiations is going on. How do you see it?

Are the farmers not able to understand the government? Or the government is unable to understand the situation of the farmers.

Farmers planning to hold a huge rally tractor rally on 26 January? See, I don’t know exactly what that thing is. Which is really bothering the farmers of Punjab and Haryana.

It does not seem that the new policy has any problem for the farmers here. I have talked to many of them. They don’t think so.

So I think there may be some special concerns in different areas of the country or in different states of the country.

So I think it is important. Because it has progressed so much. And sitting on the road with impunity. Due to this the rest of the people are facing a lot of trouble.

And many are suffering too much. And the government is also not able to function properly. Because these protests constantly go on.

So I think it would be best to make these laws a recommendation for the country. It would be best to try to convince the leadership of the state governments.

What is the importance of the farmers act, 2020 India? What kind of investments will it bring to the states. What kind of development will happen.

And how the infrastructure will be built. What kind of gold chain will be formed from this. And value-adding infrastructure will be ready.

And if states want to control the policy. If they fear that corporates will assert their authority over-farming. So states can change the law to control those aspects

Their concerns may be different in each state. Because farming is different everywhere. So I guess. This will be the way forward.

But it is a matter of regret that so many people are suffering unnecessarily. I think this is a widespread misunderstanding. I am not talking about any one group.

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I think somewhere they did not read it properly and these people could not understand what they are saying. And now the Supreme Court has also joined.

And unfortunately in a way we are all leading institutions that are important for this country. By engaging in such controversies and debates, they are making them insignificant.

And everyone is giving their opinion on this debate. I think so. Now the time has come for the government to make this farmers act, 2020 India a recommendation.

And every state can consult its farmers and bring changes in the policy according to their needs. I think that is the way forward.


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