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European Super League: Six clubs in the English Premier League IPL have confirmed the 20 teams withdraw from the European Super League.

Due to which the threat has already come before the start of the European Super League. The past 2 days in the football world have been very tense and bustling.

In which the establishment of a big football league was announced on the first day. Names of big clubs came out in support of this.

But now, 1 day after that announcement, these clubs have withdrawn their names, and have retraced their steps. According to the information, the plan to start the ESL seems to be in danger.

What is European Super League?

Many famous football clubs in the country wanted to start a football league separate from FIFA. It was called the European Super League.

Its officials said that the purpose of this article was to bring the football game back to the game during the coronavirus and to help the football players during this epidemic.

A total of 20 teams, including a total of 15 officials, were proposed in this league. The league was supported by the big football clubs of Europe.

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● In its statement released on Wednesday, the Super League said that keeping in mind the circumstances, we will reconsider the most appropriate steps to resume the project.

Our only aim is to develop this game. It is also our goal to overcome the financial difficulties of the entire football community as a result of the Corona virus epidemic.

● However, so far the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F., which comprise a total of 12 starting teams, have not released any official statement regarding their withdrawal from the league.

Earlier, a total of 12 top European teams from England, Spain and Italy announced on Monday that they wanted to form their own separate league consisting of 20 teams with 15 permanent members.

What reason did the clubs decide to withdraw from European Super League?

ESL hopes were jolted at the time. When 8 out of 12 clubs took the official decision to withdraw from the league.

6 clubs of the English Premier League Arsenal F.C, Chelsea F.C., Liverpool F.C., Manchester City, Manchester United F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C., decided to withdraw from the European Super League.

Shortly afterwards, Italy’s Inter Milan, A.C. Milan and Spanish club Atlético Madrid also decided to withdraw from the league.

Fans of clubs, leaders, football officials had put a lot of pressure on these clubs to withdraw from the league and this league was also being criticized everywhere.