England’s fast bowler Stuart Broad told the Joe Root which is fantastic, said – they are not able to spin them out

England fast bowler Stuart Broad said that his team captain Joe Root is going to present a very tough challenge for the spinners of the Indian cricket team.

He is one of the batsmen on our team who gets out very often against spin bowlers. Joe Root had also been the highest run-scorer in the series, scoring a double century against Sri Lanka recently.

The first match of the 4-Test series between India vs England 1st test match will be played from 5 February. And both these teams are fully ready to play this Test match.

In an English newspaper column, Stuart Broad wrote, “One thing I must say is that you cannot reach a century like a millstone.

” If you do not improve your game constantly, then Root is a batsman who always tries to improve his batting.

Because of the hunger in him, I think he can play 150 Test matches right now. England fast bowler Stuart Broad said that the route has yet to be captained in different countries of the world.

It is learning how and how captaining is done in different countries of the world. He has made an amazing improvement in his captaincy and performance, which is why it makes him brilliant.

Stuart Broad - jiotvvinee
Stuart Broad and Joe Root

His record in Sri Lanka is really amazing. Joe Root is still invincible from his last 10 Tests. He is yet to do his work in India.

This is a big challenge for him and our entire team. Joe Root will be right in front of him in India and I hope that we have players who are going to help in doing this.

There is no doubt that he will be the most important batsman in India to create a win-win situation for us. Because he rarely gets out against spin bowlers.

Among the players who play spin so brilliantly in our team, Root is the best. And this is the reason that he is currently the captain of our team.

When you think of scoring 400 or more runs during the first innings in every kind of condition. So during that time, it becomes very important to have different batsmen in the team.


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