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Don't Breath

In today’s post, we will tell you about the Hollywood thriller movies, so let’s start. Don’t Breath is an American Thriller film of the horror and thriller Hollywood movies. In this Hollywood movie stars Stephen Lang as the unnamed blind man, who must defend his home against a trio of thieves. We talk about how to see Don’t Breath full movie online.

What about to Don’t Breath full movie

We are the first to talk about the Don’t Breath Hollywood picture film. The film was released in 2016. It is an American horror-thriller film. If you like to watch thriller Hollywood movies then this Hollywood picture film will be very good for you.

The Hollywood picture film produced by Fede Alvarez tells you that Fede Alvarez belongs to a Federico. He was born on 9 February 1978 and has worked to produce two films till now. His first picture film was Evil Dead, which he released in 2013.

While his second Hollywood trailer picture film was Don’t Breathe, which he released in 2016. The name of the producer of this picture film is Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert.

The role of Ko Rider in the films is Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues. In the Hollywood picture film, big stars like Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, and Stephen Lang have worked together. This Hollywood picture film has been entered by Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe production companies.

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Sony Pictures has also contributed to these movies. Roque Banos has performed music in Hollywood thriller movies. This Hollywood movie was first released on March 12, 2016, in the United States of America. This Hollywood picture film is a full 88 minutes.

The Hollywood picture film was first released in the English language. The total cost to make this movie was $ 9.9 million. While the total gross at the box office was 150 7.1 million dollars from this picture film.

Only $ 9.2 million was earned from the film Don’t Breath Hollywood, while the rest of the balance was earned from the entire country. When the Don’t Breath picture film was released, Pia went on to about 3051 theaters in the United States of America and Canada, earning a total of around $ 11–14 million.

Storyline of Don’t Breath full movie:

According to Google’s survey, the percentage of people who like this Hollywood picture film is 91. If we tell something about this picture in a few words, it would be that. The Hollywood picture film belongs to some robbers.

In which a group of robbers goes to the house of a visually impaired elder and tells him that he has won prize money at his house. Then later they soon realize that the old man is somehow to their horror, that the old man is not helpless.

What Don’t Breathe movie rated?

After people watched the Don’t Breathe movie, if we discuss the process, according to the world-famous website Rotten Tomatoes, this film has received only 88% of the 100 votes. While this rating is 7.1 out of 10 according to IMDb, I would like to say that if you like to watch Hollywood thriller films then you must watch this film because this film will give you a lot of entertainment.

Did not Breathe full movie win any awards?

When we talk about the award for the film Don’t Breathe now, we get to know that this film has received 7 awards and the movie has also received 21 nominations. If we talk on this basis, this film can prove to be much more spectacular and best for you. If you really like watching Hollywood thriller movies, then you must watch this Hollywood thriller movie.

*Award: Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, BloodGuts UK Horror Awards, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

*Nomination: IGN Summer Movie Awards, Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, Phoenix Critics Circle, Seattle Film Critics Awards

People’s reaction to Don’t Breath Movie:

If we look at the rating of this film according to Google, according to Google, 91% of the people like Don’t Breath Movie, which to a large extent indicates to prove to be a good film. In fact, everyone will be able to guess it only after watching this film. If we talk about the IMDb rating, we get to see that out of 10, this film has been given 7 points 1 point by people.

Where to Watch Don’t Breath film online?

Is not breathe on Amazon Prime?

This movie can be found on the online platform Amazon Prime in the United States for you to watch right now. Don’t Breath full movie you can watch on Amazon Prime Video in HD, 4K, and UHD. To buy this film you have to pay HD $ 12.99.

Is Don’t Breath full movie available on Netflix?

If you want to watch this full movie on Netflix, we would like to tell you that the Don’t Breath full movie is currently available on Netflix. But maybe in the future, you can get this film to watch on Netflix.

Well, let us tell you, all of you will get to see a lot of fun and romantic Hollywood movies on Netflix. To watch these movies, you have to take the membership of Netflix.

Is Don’t Breath film on Disney plus?

A lot of people search Google on where we can watch this film, so we would like to tell you that Don’t Breath thriller is not present in the film Disney+Hotstar.

Is Don’t Breath a movie on Hulu?

People have a question about this animated adventure film, can we not watch the Breath movie on the world-famous platform Hulu, then while answering this question, we want to tell you, no, this movie will give you Hulu But can not be found But let us tell you, this thriller movie may be seen in the future.

Cast of Don’t Breath full movie:

  • Jane Levy as Roxanne / “Rocky”, Stephen Lang as Norman Nordstrom
  • Dylan Minnette as Alex, Daniel Zovatto as money
  • Francisca Torcic as Cindy Roberts, Emma Bercovici as Dima
  • Christian Zagia as Raga, Katia Bokor as Ginger, Frankfurt Onoko as Trevor