Did Terrence Lewis touch Nora Fatehi incorrectly? Look at this viral video

Did Terrence Lewis touch Nora Fatehi incorrectly
Did Terrence Lewis touch Nora incorrectly?

Nora Fatehi herself has now come in support of Terence Lewis. Terence is facing accusations of unfairly touching Nora during a dance reality show. Nora has stopped speaking of trolls on this.

By the way, let all of you know that Nora is a wonderful dancer, she has done a great dance on some Bollywood songs.

Terence Lewis is an accomplished dancer and choreographer by Joe. At the same time, one of his videos with Nora Fatehi is becoming increasingly viral on social media. If the news is to be believed then, Terrence accused Nora Fatehi in an offensive manner during the act.

Terence Lewis was heavily trolled for this. While the controversy escalated, Terence gave clarification on this, while now Nora herself has come out in support of Terence and he has also reprimanded the trollers.

Did Terrence Lewis touch Nora Fatehi?

Nora Fatehiย responds to claims ofย Terence Lewisย ‘touching her inappropriately’ in the viral video. New Delhi: Actressย Nora Fatehiย and choreographerย Terence Lewisย have been trending on and off since a couple of days after a video from a dance reality went viral, claiming he “touchedย her inappropriately”

ย This is what video?

Yes, all of you can watch this video carefully. The video stars Terence Louis, Nora Fatehi, and Geeta together. They have bowed together and greeted. In this video, Geeta leads Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis behind her. The three bow together and greet. Knowing how to greet, inadvertently gets a touch from Terrence Lewis behind Nora Fatehi. Some of these types of clips are going viral in this video nowadays.

What the hell Truth of this video?

Actually, in this video of Nora and Terence, both are seen standing on the stage. He is also accompanied by choreographer Geeta Kapoor. All three are bowing down and saying hello to someone. In this video, Terence’s hand touches Nora’s back.

People are strongly criticizing Terence after the video clip went viral on social media. They are being heard very well. At the same time, some people are also supporting Terence. He says that Terence is a gentleman and he cannot do such action. This has happened by mistake.

Nora Fatehi’s answer to this viral video

Commenting on this, Nora said that she respects him a lot. Nora wrote, ‘Thank you, Terence! In today’s era, videos are being morphed on social media, and effects are created by adding effects from Photoshop. I’m glad you didn’t let yourself get upset. You remained calm and gracious. This time will also pass.ย 

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Nora Fatehi tweet

‘You are always respected and loved’

Nora further wrote, ‘You and Geeta Maam have always respected me and always loved as a judge on the show. It is a pleasant and learning experience for me. Bless you