Defence News Updates: 7th consignment of Rafale jet reaches India

Defence News Updates: Today the 7th consignment of the Rafale jet has reached India safely. They will be posted in Hasimara, Bengal. Let us tell you that 3 more French fighter aircraft have also been included in this.

Rafale fighter jets reached India on Wednesday night. It includes 3 fighter aircraft. With this, the number of fighter aircraft in this fleet has gone up to 24 with the Indian Air Force.

According to the report, he will be posted at Hasimara Air Base in West Bengal. The first Rafale Squadron is present at Ambala Air Force Station. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: What will be its effect on Tokyo Olympics

Defence News Updates- sarkariflix
Defence News updates – Rafale jet reaches India

There are about 18 aircraft in a squadron. Let us tell you that the Rafale Squadron stationed in Ambala has also started patrolling work on the borders with China in Eastern Ladakh. RELATED| Indian Foreign Minister boycott meeting of UN Security Council

The operation of the second squadron will be started by the end of July. All three planes have reached India by flying from France, covering a distance of about 8,000 km without stopping.

These aircraft have also done air refueling work through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Airbase 330 Multi-Role Transport midway. RELATED| China’s Rocket Long March 5B fell to earth

Defence News updates - Rafale jet reaches India
Defence News updates – Rafale jet

The Indian Air Force has tweeted that 3 aircraft have reached India without stopping flying from Istres Air Base in France. Thanks to UAE Air Force for providing mid-airway assistance from Indian Air Force.

In how much did India do the Rafale deal?

Let us tell you that India had made a deal of 59 crores with France in 2016 to buy Rafale aircraft. Under which France had decided that it would give 36 Rafale fighter aircraft to India in return.

How many Rafale does India have?

India has only 24 Rafale numbers. And the rest is expected to come from France by 2022.

In which area will India deploy the Rafale fighter jet?

Defence News updates – Rafale

It has been learned from quoting officials that the western border and northern border will be monitored through Rafale fighter jets in India.

What is the price of the Rafale fighter jet?

India has tied up with France for ₹59 crores for Rafale jets. In which France will give 36 Rafale to India. Accordingly, if we estimate the cost of one Rafale, then it will be around 16.88 lakhs.


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