Covishield Booster Dose: UK Scientists Claim Antibody Levels After AstraZeneca Vaccine And Pfizer Other Doses

Covishield Booster Dose: UK scientists claim that after 10 weeks of vaccination, the level of antibodies is being reduced by half. For which a booster dose will be required.

The results of a new study being conducted in the United Kingdom have just come out recently. Scientists at the Institute of Health Informatics, London, claim that after 10 weeks, the antibodies made against Covid-19 start decreasing due to the vaccine.

This raises many questions. After all, how long will the vaccine keep from Covid-19? Is this happening with all the covid vaccines?

Covishield Booster Dose  - sarkariflix
Covishield Booster Dose UK Scientists Claim

After the results of this study, is there really a need to apply Covishield Booster Dose, we will talk about it in detail. RELATED| IND vs SL T20 Highlights: 2nd match Sri Lanka beat India by 4 wickets

What do scientists say about the UK study on the corona vaccine?

A Virus Watch study by University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom has found that the level of antibodies made from Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines is slowly starting to decrease.

After the same 10 weeks, its effect is remaining only up to 50% in the human body. The UCL team has analyzed the blood samples of 605 vaccinated people aged 50 to 70 years.

After this, in the report that came before them, it has been found that the label of antibodies was different in individuals. But the antibody produced by the Pfizer Corona vaccine is higher than that of AstraZeneca.

Covishield Booster Dose  - sarkariflix
Covishield Booster Dose

In the second stage of the vaccine, after 6 weeks, the antibody level was 7300 units per ml. But it came down to just 3,320 after 10 weeks. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Coronaโ€™s shocking effect on Americans age

At the same time, the label of antibodies made from AstraZeneca’s vaccine dropped from 1,200 units per ml to only 190 units per ml in 10 weeks.

In the results of the report published in The Lancet, research has claimed that they have shown such a trend in a study done on 4,500 participants.

What is the effect of reduced levels of antibodies against Covid-19 in the human body?

Covishield Booster Dose: Scientists say that if there is a decline in the label of antibodies in the human body after a few weeks of vaccination, then there is no need to worry about it.

But the scientist doing research says that somewhere it can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. This does not mean that people are falling prey to breakthrough infection because of this.

Breakthrough infection means getting infected with Covid-19 despite vaccination. Antibody level is important in protection from the corona. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Britainโ€™s economy, retail sales growing rapidly, recovering from Corona

But the immune system has other weapons to fight infection. Memory B cells remember the virus.

And whenever an infection occurs, they immediately start making antibodies, while killer cells target the infected cells and kill them.

Which provides the extra armor of protection to the human body. Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya, an expert in cases related to epidemics in India, says.

It would not be correct to consider only the antibody label as protection. We get protection at many levels. And for how many days will he get it? More study is needed about this.

What is Corona Breakthrough infection?

Breakthrough infection means a person becoming infected with corona again. While his Covid-19 vaccination has been done.


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