Covid-19: Simple ways to avoid coronavirus, question answer

Covid-19: Coronavirus is not very dangerous if we find its treatment at this time and become alert. Today we will talk about some easy ways to avoid corona, by following which you can fight Covid-19 to a great extent and keep your friends and family members safe.

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Covid-19: Simple ways to avoid coronavirus

Q. Which is better soap or sanitizer in fighting corona?

ANS: Sanitizer proves to be the best in fighting corona germs. But if you do not have a sanitizer, then you can also use some good type of soap. Like in Lifebuoy and Dettol, wash your hands with this for at least 30 seconds.

Q. What is the right way to use sanitizer?

ANS: First of all, take the hand sanitizer on your palm. Scrub it well with both hands and spread it all over the fingers, covering the upper surfaces of both your hands well. You have to do this process till the gel dries up completely. After this, you can wait for some time, dust your hand.

Q. Why use alcohol-based sanitizers to protect against Corona?

ANS: A sanitizer made from alcohol can destroy all types of viruses and bacteria well. It is also effective in killing the coronavirus to a great extent. That’s why we should use alcohol-based sanitizers only.

Q. When should we wear masks to protect against corona?

ANS: To protect yourself from Covid-19, you must wear a mask while going out somewhere. But when you are alone, you can take off the mask and breathe freely in the open air. Masks should not always be available.

Q. Once coronavirus appears even before covid-19 when it appeared before?

ANS: Doctors claim that the coronavirus can re-emerge after being fully recovered in the human body. So get vaccinated and take care of your own safety. Use sanitizer and wear a mask while going out


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