Covid-19 News World: Corona’s shocking effect on Americans age

Covid-19 News World: According to Steve Wolf, it has come to the fore that the average age of Americans has decreased by about 2 years due to coronavirus.

This decline in the age of Americans was also seen during World War 2. In this way, it is being seen again after almost 82 years.

A shocking revelation has been made in public research in the British Medical Journal. Between 2018 and 2020, the age of Americans has decreased by almost 2 years. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Britainโ€™s economy, retail sales growing rapidly, recovering from Corona

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Covid-19 News World: Corona’s effect on Americans

It has also been told in the research that the main reason behind the decrease in age is a coronavirus. Apart from this, it has also been said that the decline can be seen more in black and Latin America than in white America.

According to the report, the average age of America in 2018 was 78.9 years i.e. around 79 years. In 2020, it has come down to 76.9 years. RELATED| Defence News Updates: 7th consignment of Rafale jet reaches India

The author of this study is Steve Wolf of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. This study is based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

What is the main reason for the decrease in the average age of Americans due to corona?

Due to the outbreak of the virus, the average age of Americans living in America is seeing a decline of 2 years, after all, what is the main reason behind this, we will know about it. This report is to according to Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine USA.

According to this report, it has also come to the fore that blacks living in America have died more than whites due to coronavirus. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Corona still has 50 thousand active cases in America, what will be its effect on Tokyo Olympics

1. There have been more than 6 lakh deaths due to coronavirus in America, its effect was on the average age.
2. Disruption of health care facilities and management of chronic illness.
3. Crisis of healthcare facilities where people are going through disorder and depression. It is possible that they did not get the help that they should have.
4. Inadequate access of people to facilities. The disruptions affected some Americans more than others.


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