Covid-19 News World: Corona still has 50 thousand active cases in America, what will be its effect on Tokyo Olympics

Covid-19 News World: Where is the coronavirus still continuing in America? Still, more than 50 lakh active cases have been registered there.

At the same time, its havoc continues on the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Apart from this, we know about the impact of Covid-19 on other countries.

Even America, a country with a good economy in the world, is still not taking the name of stopping the outbreak of coronavirus. Right now the number of patients with corona infection there is more than 50 lakhs.

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Whereas in India it is close to four lakh seven thousand. When the second wave of coronavirus was at its highest level in India, the active cases here were close to 38 lakhs.

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New cases of covid-19 in a day

  • 46 thousand new cases of corona in Britain
  • 44 thousand new cases in America
  • 42 thousand new cases in India
  • Indonesia is where 38 thousand new case
  • 23 thousand new cases of corona daily in Russia

The number of new cases of coronavirus (Covid – 19 News) can be seen increasing day by day in America. During the last 24 hours, more than 44 thousand new patients have come here.

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Britain is at number one in terms of maximum corona infection in 1 day. Where more than 46 thousand new cases have been reported.

America is at number two followed by India at number three. About 42 thousand cases have been registered here in 1 day.

Indonesia is at number four where 38 thousand new cases have been reported in 1 day. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden says that the death toll from the infection has come down significantly.

They have claimed that this shortfall is due to vaccination but still one should be careful with the delta variant.

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Deaths and hospitalizations in the country are the same people who have not got a vaccination, according to AP, before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the highest level in the case of Corona can be seen here.

In 1 day, 1832 new cases have been reported here. Japan Medical Association President Toshio Nakagawa has said that what we were worried about earlier is happening now. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Britain’s economy, retail sales growing rapidly, recovering from Corona

In Japan, only 30% have been vaccinated so far. Let us tell you that in Brazil there have been 1424 deaths in 24 hours.

Due to the infection of coronavirus, there is an increase in coronavirus in Australia as well. Whereas in Russia 23000 new cases have been reported in 1 day.


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