Covid-19 News: Only 60 thousand people allowed in Haj pilgrimage amid Corona epidemic

Covid- 19 News all over world: In this era of the Covid-19 epidemic, only 60 thousand people have been allowed in the Haj pilgrimage. However, special care is being taken of all the restrictions made for this.

Muslim pilgrims in Saudi Arabia have taken part in the tradition of stoning the devil during their Hajj pilgrimage. This practice was one of the main practices of this year which were done during this coronavirus pandemic.

Let us tell you that the pilgrims started work from the valley of Mina near Mecca in western Saudi Arabia to stone the symbolic form of Satan at Jamra al-Aqaba Mosque.

Covid-19 News

Features of Hajj Pilgrimage –

Let us tell you that Hajj is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. Every Muslim must visit here at least once in their lifetime. In 2019, the number of people who came on the Haj pilgrimage was around 25 lakhs.

Which can be considered one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. It is a matter of prestige by the rulers of Saudi Arabia to host the Haj pilgrimage.

At the same time, the holiest site of Islam is also protected by him. Which can be a matter of greatest pride for them.

The importance of this place is so much that the number of travelers going here has not decreased much even during the Covid-19 period.

What are the restrictions imposed on the pilgrims going on Haj pilgrimage?

It was absolutely necessary for the pilgrims going on Haj pilgrimage to wear masks (Covid-19 News). Along with this, all of them were seen in white-collar eyes. They were given traditional custom stones by the officials.

These stones were packed sealed in a bag. Which were already sanitized. This time special care was taken for their safety.


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