Covid-19 News: How to survive the third wave of corona with the help of a health guard friend

Covid- 19 News: To avoid the Third Wave of Coronavirus, health guard friends will be made in 14500 villages in the state, who will go from village to village and make common people aware of them to avoid this infection.

On the second day of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh meeting in Dehradun on Thursday, a training meeting of province workers was held.

In the meeting, it was considered about making health guard friends working for the union at the provincial level. RELATED| Covishield Booster Dose: UK Scientists Claim Antibody Levels After AstraZeneca Vaccine And Pfizer Other Doses

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Covid-19 News: The third wave of corona

And it was also decided that they would be given training in different areas. Before During third wave of Corona, Union caretaker Anil Mittal Area Chief Dhaniram and Dr. Geeta Khanna gave detailed information about this subject.

It was told that by August 7 the training of all the blocks would be completed by August 15 till all the districts.

By the end of August, this training will be completed in 756 Nyaya Panchayats and 507 habitations identified by the union. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Coronaโ€™s shocking effect on Americans age

After this, the general public will be made aware by going from village to village, in the event of the third stream, health guard friends will also contribute to health services.


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