COVID-19 News: China working tirelessly to stop Battles Delta Variant Outbreak of Corona

COVID-19 News: At this time Dragon (China Battles Delta Variant Outbreak) is working tirelessly to stop the delta variant of Coronavirus. Millions of people are ‘imprisoned’ in their homes during the lockdown.

The epidemic coronavirus that engulfed the whole world started from the city of Wuhan in China. At present, 7 new cases of infection have also been reported there.

China has become very alert about this. 55 new cases of Covid-19 infection have been reported in China on Monday, along with the outbreak of the rapidly spreading delta variant has spread to more than 20 cities in more than a dozen provinces.

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COVID-19 News China

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And it is not taking the name of stopping. The cases came to light after the release of the daily official list, although Chinese media has confirmed that cases of infection have been found in a train station.

Let us tell you that many people residing in many big cities of China including Beijing have been tested in bulk quantity.

And China is making every effort to stop the infection from growing. Under such measures, about 1.2 million people have been kept in lockdown in Zhuzhou, a city in Hunan province. RELATED| Covid-19 News World: Coronaโ€™s shocking effect on Americans age

It is being told that these people have been kept in lockdown for 3 days. Here the work of especially coronavirus test and vaccination is being done by the administration.

According to the report of China’s official newspaper Global Times, 300 domestic cases of infection have also been reported in the last 10 days in at least 18 provinces of China.

Due to which China has once again become alert about coronavirus( COVID-19 News ). As you would know that even before this, China had to face a lot of trouble to stop Covid-19.

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However, China is very much alert about the corona infection. In 18 provinces and 27 cities, the infection has increased to more than 300 at present. Which includes Beijing Jiangsu and Sichuan city.


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