Black Widow 2021, Box office collection, Cast, Poster, Trailer and IMDB rating

We will talk about Black Widow 2021 Cast, Movie Poster, Trailer, Box office collection, and its IMDB rating. Box office collection approximately $ 62 million in three days.

The character of Natasha Romanoff is the most special and important in this Hollywood adventure film starring Natasha.

The Scarlett Johansson actress has played her character well as Natasha. This film to be released in the English language can be seen on Disney + Hotstar platform that too in the English language.

In the story, we are shown that Natasha Romanoff also has a family of her own. As we get to see in other Marvel series movies like Yelena, Alexey the Red Guardian, and Melina.

In this action thriller film, Agent Natasha aka Black Widow tackles the dark parts of her laser. When it is revealed in front of them that some dangerous conspiracy has been done with them in the past.

It is further shown that she is chased by a force that tries to bring her down, she will not be able to stop her. Something like this seems to them.

Black widow movie download in Hindi - sarkariflix
Black widow movie download in Hindi

Natasha Romanoff then feels that it is her duty as a loyal detective to face it, and leave her broken relationships as an Avenger for the good of others.

It is further seen that the film also stars Florence Pugh as Yelena, David Harbour as Alexie/The Red Guardian, and Rachel Weisz as Melina to accompany Johansson.

Black Widow 2021 Cast –

Scarlett Johansson has worked very hard for the character of Natasha Romanoff. Marvel Studios has introduced Johansson’s character through this adventure film, which the audience is doing a lot.

From her first appearance, the journey she has taken along the way, and her ultimate sacrifice, is broken down in this ongoing chain.

Box office collection and special Cast –

Actual NameΒ  Character Name
Film Name Black Widow ( Action/adventure)
Director Cate Shortland
Produced Kevin Feige
Story Writer Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson
Basis Of Marvel Comics
Budget 200 Million Doller
Box office collection $158 million
Black widow Hindi release date in India 6 October 2021 Suspected


Black Widow 2021 Actor Cast and their Role –

Scarlett Johansson Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Black Widow 2021
Scarlett Johansson
Florence Pugh Yelena Belova / Black Widow
Black Widow
Florence Pugh
David Harbour Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian
David Harbour
O-T Fagbenle Β Rick Mason
O-T Fagbenle
Olga Kurylenko Β Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster
Olga Kurylenko

Black Widow 2021 Poster –

Let us tell you that the release date of the adventure action film was changed three times. This happened because of coronavirus. The film was to be released in May 2020.

Black Widow 2021, Box office collection, Cast, Poster, Trailer and IMDB rating - SARKARIFLIX


But due to Coronavirus, its date was shifted to 29 June 2021. Finally, the film was released in the United States on 9 July 2021. However, the film can also be seen on Disney+.

Black Widow Trailer –

The trailer of this feeling can be seen in Hindi and English languages. It can be viewed online on YouTube. But the Hindi version of this movie has not been released yet.

But the trailer has been released in Hindi. Black widow Hindi’s release date in India has been set as 6 October 2021. Therefore, the audience will also be able to watch this film in Hindi on 6 October.

Black Widow IMDB rating How much?

According to this film, 91% of people are liking it. While its IMDB rating is 7.2. The story of this 2 hours 14-minute film cannot be seen on Disney + Hotstar in India right now. Although this film is available in America. But in India, it will be available on 6th October.

What is the box office collection of Black Widow 2021?

However, the film has been released in the English language on 7 July 2021. Its first day’s earnings averaged close to $ 30 million, while on the second day the box office collection of the film Black Widow averaged close to $ 32 million. This film will also be available to the audience in Hindi very soon.

Where can I watch black Widow 2021?

You can watch this film starring Johansson i.e. Natasha Romanoff in English right now, but let me tell you, it is not available in India right now.
It can be seen in America.

But in the coming time, it can also be seen in India in October 2021. It has been leaked by some parasitic site, but you should check it through a legal platforms only.


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