Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Who will win in the ring? Who became the captain?

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu : Who will win in the ring? Who became the captain? – The captaincy contingent task ‘Super Villains vs Super Heroes’ is going on juicily at Big Boss House. Members of both groups are prepared to take any risk for the task. Friendship was also set aside for too much work. Big Boss, who has played games as a team till now .. is now putting everyone in the ring. Each of the two teams must come forward and be on their own platform.

Whoever falls down from the platform first is defeated. As part of this, Vishwa from the Villains team and Manas from the Heroes team entered the ring. And who won this task? Which team was selected as the captaincy contender? If you want to know, you have to watch today’s episode.


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